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+ - Which all-in-one inkjet printer is cheapest to use

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Ray writes "A year or so ago I got my dad a new computer system that included a Canon PX-160 printer/scanner/copier to replace his aging Lexmark with similar capabilities. On my next visit I asked him how the new printer was working and he said the ink was killing him. The cartridges are expensive, they don't have much ink in them and there are no third party or refilled carts for it or apparently any other Canon. It looks like HP and Lexmark are the most likely to have (relatively) inexpensive supplies but what has your experience been with inkjet all-in-ones as far as TCO goes?"
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+ - Beware of fortune cookies or why your pet suffered->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "On May 1, scientists at the University of Guelph in Canada made a startling discovery. In a laboratory they found that melamine and cyanuric acid reacted with each other to form crystals that could impair kidney function — crystals similar to those discovered in affected pets. Cyanuric acid, a chemical stabilizer in swimming pools, was then found by U.S. investigators to have been added by Chinese pet food producers because it was cheaper than melamine and also helped to increase protein count"
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+ - WOW bans cheaters and innocents.->

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jaycivilrights (1115301) writes "As often as not, while attempting to ban cheaters/hackers and others in World of Warcraft, Blizzard still continues to ban others as well. Told they are guilty, but not told why they are guilty, they are simply informed by a generic email that they are permanently banned and that since they are banned they are ineligible for a refund. They are also listed as "cheaters" in all press releases, and no mention is made in the rare case a subscriber sucessfully gets their account reinstated."
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