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Comment: theregoestheinternet? Not so fast! (Score 0, Flamebait) 97

by The Orange Mage (#30124038) Attached to: SSL Renegotiation Attack Becomes Real


Most, if not all, major web applications have implementation level protections against CSRF, such as random nonces in web forms that must be submitted along with any request. Those protection measures are effective against this new SSL man in the middle attack. Therefore, this vulnerability has minimal security impact for most websites and Internet users.

I know this is /., but come on and at least check when it's a claim as big as "theregoestheinternet."

Comment: When it works, it's actually pretty good. (Score 1) 150

I managed to get in a few servers and get a half hour of combat in. It's very intense and really a good tactical shooter. If the auth server had any stability or capacity there would be no story here aside from a few bugs that can be eliminated quickly. (Such as having two main menus up at the same time in-game, a few minor animation bugs, etc.)

Comment: Mortal Kombat, anyone? (Score 1) 141

by The Orange Mage (#28054109) Attached to: When Does Gore Get In the Way of Gameplay?

Yeah, Mortal Kombat.

I can't think of a single game that was successful to such a high degree based only upon the amount of violence in it. Not only that, but for the first 3 or so titles the only differences between characters were their 2-6 special moves and their finshers. They were still wallowing in awful, shallow gameplay and raking in millions while 3D fighters were coming in, and didn't even get things right on the 3D front for a long time.

Oddly enough, the only place (apart from gore) that Mortal Kombat shines is in the story department. Those guys at Midway actually try to make a decent comic-book-ish plot out of things.

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