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Comment Re:Idea (Score 0) 728

The world isn't that crowded out here in middle America. There is still land for a decent price, jobs, business opportunities, etc.

That said:

1. A purely leftist society still has rich people. The rich in leftist societies have even closer ties to government. Corruption exists in leftist society and government, just as in any place that has humans and human nature.

2. A mostly free society, which of course must have a free market or it wouldn't be free, has rich people. Imagine that.

One thing that I've noticed about Capitalist countries is that the majority of people aren't interested in starting their own business. They want to immediately get a job working for someone else, have kids, and start buying X-Boxes, big screen TVs, nice car, etc. Many don't even bother to get an education, or at least one in a field that is in demand. Now I hear them complaining because they aren't rich, never mind the fact that they live pretty well compared to their parents, who lived better than their grandparents, etc. (My grandparents lived in a Mill town, working for the wealthy Mill owner, living in the houses that he set up for them. They didn't have many choices, and were literally dirt poor.)

So the rich are the ones that create the jobs that allow you to raise your children, buy your X-Box, buy your car, buy your house, etc. Who else is going to create those jobs that keep you working? The government? Some Collectivist coop? Whenever you take the incentive away, you take the jobs away. Fewer jobs means fewer opportunities. Fewer opportunities means more despair. You think your life is bad now?

"Free markets select for winning solutions." -- Eric S. Raymond