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Comment: Re:DDoS solved in IPv6 (Score 1) 134

When some router sends packets in your direction you generally say "ACK" for it worked and "RST" for start over at a certain point... "NAK" means "I got it, but I don't like it, no more of that for me please!"

Firewalls can only stop traffic once it travels the line to your side... what would be better is to have a firewall at ISP side of the line to reject traffic you don't want so your line doesn't get overloaded but lets the good traffic through.

Comment: DDoS solved in IPv6 (Score 1) 134

There's a solution to DDoS in IPv6 called the "NAK packet" which is a simple request for upstream routers to not relay any more traffic from the address or addresses that is sending the abusive data. Basically, it's like asking a firewall in between to rule out the bad data.

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