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Comment Mickey Mouse copyirght extenstions... (Score 4, Informative) 96 96

Disney defends "Steamboat Willie" from about the same time frame to protect Mickey Mouse from falling into the public domain. "Happy Birthday" is from about the same time. This era is kept out of the public domain by repeated copyright law changes, the most recent being the DMCA which extended the time works stay copyrighted.

Comment The Net Neutrality Dilema (Score 1) 70 70

When content providers have a large amount of data to repeat to customers, they move servers to the ISPs data center and we support them getting the content to us faster.... but when websites get locked out, they claim it's a net neutrality problem and we support that.

Uhm, pick a side!

Comment Re:What is this has got to do with MS's core busin (Score 1) 53 53

Yep, somebody has to be root at the firewall... I would love it if ISPs would configure a firewall at their side of the connection.... something along the lines of don't even send me anything nodes I don't ever want to see again. Would nip the DDOS problems out.

Comment Timothy never learns... (Score 1) 143 143

We're discussing explosives theory here, kids... get the Ammonia Nitrate bottle ready after you learn that formula, otherwise all you'll think about is how much heat it takes to make things go away..

If you do heat the universe up to the point it all explodes, the thing giving the heat will be cold enough to survive.

Comment Re:What is this has got to do with MS's core busin (Score 2) 53 53

This could lead to an era where your age on your registered account is used for censorship, rather than a parent getting the ability to leave TV-MA banned after a kid turns 18... remember kids, set a password you don't know and lock your TV on "receives everything" before your parent gets to take it out of the box.

Comment Re:Do you mean "Internet Products", right ? (Score 1) 236 236

Amazon lowers the market price on things without you noticing. They recently announced that they're getting a better deal on shipping wires and such, so they can lower the prices of wires at Amazon Prime, and that should result in Best Buy lowering their prices similarly because their $10 minimum wire cost is based on Amazon's price.

You might not feel like you're beating the market, but you're beating the past prices on a lot of things there.

Comment Re:I just never give them my info. (Score 1) 236 236

I notice the ads on Slashdot in the the "AdChioces"/Google slots are recommending my local bank and other sites I've been exploring recently... that's more effective than the Web 1.0 sponsors.

Slashdot used to have tech companies in those slots, now it runs general interest or your interest ads.

Comment Re:Connecting the dots... (Score 3, Interesting) 236 236

My local grocery store once explained to me why they didn't use a discount card, they already recognized me as I walked through the door, and knew the receipt was mine because I was the only one going though three packages of Vanilla Oreos per week. See, when big stores exist in lightly populated areas, the manager knows who the good customers are. My father and I had a good idea what prices were going to lower two weeks ahead because we saw the sale prices at the printing and database companies we worked for, and were sure our store had the deepest discounts in the chain.

BTW, former next door neighbors... the two of you were on the cover of a magazine there the last time I visited that store... with a story that can't possibly be true!

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