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Comment Quite accurately? (Score 2, Interesting) 171

"Astronomers can calculate quite accurately how much lithium they expect to find in the early Universe," can they? How do they know it's accurate? What control values are they using?

It's not entirely semantic, either; it goes on to say, "But the numbers don't match."

So how is that "quite accurate"?

Comment Re:veterinarian (Score 1) 158

I work as a lab tech in a veterinary clinical pharmacology lab, and I can see what you mean.

Personally, I spend a large portion of my time working on our pharmacology database. One of my favorite projects was using VBA to make MS Access fax results to our clients. Other projects include generating lists of samples and the tests they need to run, as well as scripts to integrate chromatograms.

Comment Re:Suggests Meaning, Yet Lacks Any (Score 2) 458

Do you first confirm that it lacks meaning? If not, I imagine it wouldn't be terribly uncommon for your subconscious to pick up a word somewhere without your knowing what it meant, and you might assume it had none and that you'd made it up yourself. Could lead to some awkward moments if the other party actually knows what it really means.

Otherwise, this sounds hilarious.

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