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Comment: "Surprising?" Hardly... (Score 1) 98

" is surprising to many that Congress would abdicate their role in determining the specifics of agreements that may have far reaching implications for their constituents."

No, it's only surprising to those who cling to a childishly naive belief that Congress actually serves a constituency of voters, rather than face the reality that it serves the interests of corporate oligarchs first and foremost.

Comment: Bless you. (Score 2, Insightful) 126

This was my immediate reaction to skimming the front-page blurb.

Seriously, differentiation of "effect" and "affect" is neither a difficult nor novel concept. This just reflects editorial laziness, which does call into question in the mind of the audience the quality of information being conveyed.

Comment: It depends on your field. (Score 1) 317

by The Last Gunslinger (#48552083) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are Any Certifications Worth Going For?
For example, I'm in the IT security field, and a CISSP does carry a good bit of weight.

I've also worked in virtualization, and have a VCP5 certification...I can tell you it might or might not mean something to a prospective employer, but I can damned sure tell when I'm talking about the workings of a particular client's virtual infrastructure whether their people are VCPs.

Comment: Re: How about the other way around? (Score 0) 231

by The Last Gunslinger (#48354667) Attached to: Canadian Police Recommend Ending Anonymity On the Internet
You're missing his point entirely, as well as displaying a fundamental lack of understanding as to what constitutes a right.

Rights are inherent to people, irrespective of what geographic location they may be born or reside in. They exist innately within the person. It's a simple concept, yet one that many statists have a difficult time comprehending.

Perhaps what you meant to say is that "those are not rights respected or protected by the government of Canada." Nevertheless, they are rights.

Comment: Go back farther (Score 1) 706

by The Last Gunslinger (#48352755) Attached to: President Obama Backs Regulation of Broadband As a Utility
You're dead-on, in principle.

The time for Obama to have voiced this firm position was back during Genachowski's charimanship when Verizon sued the FCC for his attempt to implement NN rules, and the courts essentially said that absent Title II CC classification, NN would not be possible.

Today's weaksauce announcement is four years too late and a Congressional majority short to be anything other than political theatrics.

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