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How the Cloud Has Changed (Since Last You Looked) 82

snydeq writes: InfoWorld's Peter Wayner takes a look at the new services and pricing models that are making cloud computing more powerful, complex, and cheaper than it was a few short years ago. 'We get more, but using it isn't always as simple as it could be. Sure, you still end up on root on some box that's probably running Linux, but getting the right performance out of that machine is more complex,' Wayner writes. "But the real fun comes when you try to figure out how to pay for your planned cloud deployment because there are more options than ever. ... In some cases, the cost engineering can be more complex than the software engineering."
Open Source

GitHub Open Sources Their Internal Testing Tool ( 62

destinyland writes: Last week GitHub released a new open source tool called Scientist, a Ruby-based library they've been using in-house for several years. "It's the most terrifying moment when you flip the switch," GitHub engineer Jesse Toth told one technology reporter, who notes that the tool is targeted at developers transitioning from a legacy system. "Scientist was born when GitHub engineers needed to rewrite the permissions code — one of the most critical systems in the GitHub application." The tool measures execution duration and other metrics for both test and production code during runtime, and Toth reports that they're now also developing new versions in Node.js, C#, and .Net..

Researcher Finds Tens of Software Products Vulnerable To Simple Bug ( 150

An anonymous reader writes: There's a German security researcher that is arduously testing the installers of tens of software products to see which of them are vulnerable to basic DLL hijacking. Surprisingly, many companies are ignoring his reports. Until now, only Oracle seems to have addressed this problem in Java and VirtualBox. Here's a short (probably incomplete) list of applications that he found vulnerable to this attack: Firefox, Google Chrome, Adobe Reader, 7Zip, WinRAR, OpenOffice, VLC Media Player, Nmap, Python, TrueCrypt, and Apple iTunes. Mr. Kanthak also seems to have paid special attention to antivirus software installers. Here are some of the security products he discovered vulnerable to DLL hijacking: ZoneAlarm, Emsisoft Anti-Malware, Trend Micro, ESET NOD32, Avira, Panda Security, McAfee Security, Microsoft Security Essentials, Bitdefender, Rapid7's ScanNowUPnP, Kaspersky, and F-Secure.

Comment Re:BIZX is destroying Slashdot!!! (Score 1) 1307

You are saying all the right things, I left over dice ownership. I couldn't take it anymore. Well, I'll keep my eye on slash and contribute in comments as things come up. I have no idea on how you expect slashdot to make much dinero, but good luck to you. It seems like you have the best of intentions.


Malware Operator Barters With Security Researcher To Remove Open Source Ransomware Code ( 34

An anonymous reader writes: The author of the Magic ransomware strain has agreed to release all decryption keys for free if Utku Sen, a Turkish security researcher, takes down his Hidden Tear open-source ransomware project from GitHub. Sen has released multiple open source ransomware projects, which contained backdoors and encryption flaws. The flaws disrupted the plans of several ransomware operators. This particular ransomware author is Russian, while Sen is Turkish, so just like Putin and Erdogan, the two struggled to come to an agreement. Utku Sen finally agreed to take down the Hidden Tear repository in three days, while the author of the Magic ransomware will provide all the encryption keys for free for the next 15 days.

Microsoft Releases Its Deep Learning Toolkit On GitHub ( 53

An anonymous reader writes: Microsoft is moving its machine learning Computational Network Toolkit (CNTK) from its own hosting site, CodePlex, to GitHub. They're also putting it under the MIT open source license. The move marks an effort to make it easier for developers to collaborate on building their own deep learning applications using the CNTK. Under the CodePlex license, access was restricted to academics only, and it was wholly targeted to that audience. Now that it's opening the project to everyone, Microsoft hopes to attract a greater number of developers, and a wider variety as well. This follows similar releases from Google and Baidu.

Serious Flaw Patched In Intel Driver Update Utility ( 34

itwbennett writes: The flaw in a utility that helps users download the latest drivers for their Intel hardware components stems from the tool using unencrypted HTTP connections to check for driver updates. It was discovered by researchers from Core Security and was reported to Intel in November. The Core Security researchers found that the utility was checking for new driver versions by downloading XML files from Intel's website over HTTP. These files included the IDs of hardware components, the latest driver versions available for them and the corresponding download URLs. Intel Driver Update Utility users are strongly advised to download the latest version from Intel's support website.

Ask Slashdot: Good Introductory SW Engineering Projects? (HS Level) 140

New submitter mtapman writes: I'm looking for suggestions on introductory software engineering projects for a high school level student. Assume the student can do basic math (up through Algebra I or Statistics I) but is new to logic and computer science. Each project should take no more than four hours to complete including research, coding, and testing. The intent is to introduce the student to software engineering (and computer science) through practical and fun examples. Classic CS problems are welcome. One of the key criteria is available research/reference material to allow the student to make progress with 30-60 minutes of online research.

Some ideas that came to my mind (not necessarily good ones) are: (1) pick a sorting algorithm and sort a list of ten words alphabetically, (2) write a program to convert characters from lower to upper case, (3) write a program to divide two numbers in two different programming languages and compare the results to determine the differences between the languages.

Comment Re:Interview "Grilling" or "Testing" is Poppycock (Score 1) 227

as a 30 year old i can tell you exactly why everyone significantly younger than myself sucks, and it's not just a judging the shit out of the FNG thing.

I was in hichschool during the dotcom bubble burst and graduated as tech was making it's recovery

at and before my generation, just about everyone going to college for computer related fields did so because they were interested in it, my graduating class and beyond were when tech was well known among the general population as a means to financial success, this is also when tech disciplines started getting infiltrated by useless Feminists and Brogrammers who with no real interest or talent in writing decent code.

Comment Re:Naughty cannabis (Score 1) 232

that same crudeness provides a degree of safety, cannabis, whether burned flowers, vaporized oils, or edibles and tinctures, contain an large number of compounds which act in different directions and balance each other out a bit, you have agonists and antagonists, it seems these early synthetics hit one receptor one way really hard, and in this case someone is now dead.

Microsoft Open-Sources Its JavaScript Engine Chakra ( 141

An anonymous reader writes: As promised, Microsoft has open-sourced the core components of Chakra, the company's JavaScript engine used in Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer. The project, dubbed ChakraCore, has been released under the MIT License on GitHub. The official blog post reads in part: "The ChakraCore repository provides a fully supported and open-source standalone JavaScript engine, with the same characteristics as the Microsoft Edge’s Chakra engine, to embed in projects, innovate on top of and contribute back to. We will be accepting community contributions and input to ChakraCore. Once the changes from any pull request have been vetted, our goal is to ensure that all changes find their way to be shipped as a part of the JavaScript engine powering Microsoft Edge and the Universal Windows Platform on Windows 10."

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