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by The Grim Reefer (#46763559) Attached to: San Francisco's Housing Crisis Explained

Seriously, a couple decades ago you could go to a bank an open an account where the rates were at least competitive with inflation. These days, the typical interest rate is well under 1% with the Fed purposefully keeping inflation above 2% on the belief that inflation is good.

That also keeps mortgage interest rate extremely low. My first mortgage, several decades ago, was 8.5%, which was really good at the time. We moved last year and I think it's under 3.5% now. From 1975 to 1990 the average fixed rate 30 year mortgage barely dipped below 10% and was as high as 18%.

Well, inflation isn't good, having inflationary expectations discourages people from saving money. Granted, you don't want long stretches of deflation either, but we're getting exactly what should have been predicted.

Inflation in the 1970's is part of why the mortgage rates hit almost 20% in the late 70's through the early 80's.

What's more, companies don't pay people based upon their value to the company these days, they pay the bare minimum they can get away with in most cases. Sure there are exceptions, but those exceptions have a harder time staying in business.

That's always been the case. The difference is that there is no loyalty to anything anymore. Employees have no loyalty to the company they work for and will leave to go somewhere else for ten cents a day more. And employers will replace you for the dumbest of reasons. Replacing pensions with 401K's looked great on paper. But the unintended consequences weren't so great.

And no, blue collar workers around here would have a really hard time saving for a house when rent alone is typically aroudn $12k per year.

I don't know where you live. But that's pretty cheap from what I've seen rent wise.It could certainly be done on a blue collar salary. The bigger problem is, is that most blue collar jobs are disappearing.

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But my wife and daughter seem to think we must have it.

So you're not really the man of the house. You are pussywhipped in the case of your wife and a people-pleaser in the case of your daughter. Gotcha.

No. I just know what's worth making an issue about and what's not. But at least I'm man enough to not post as an AC.

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A couple decades back a blue collar worker could buy a house on 3 years salary. Can you do that today?

A couple of decades back people actually saved their money. I remember a time when almost no home had more than one TV (some not even that), Cable was considered a luxury (if available), not a necessity. You made a down payment on a car and kept it for years after it was paid off. Now it's more popular to lease a new car every three years or so. Even though most cars will last for well over 100K miles, if not 200K miles. If you wanted a house, you didn't buy new cloths every season with some designers name plastered on your ass and everything else you owned. You can actually survive without the latest iPhone. But most households have one for each person. That shit adds up fast. You also didn't buy things on credit. If you didn't have the cash, you saved for it. People who rent are probably two years salary in debt these days.

So yes, you can afford a home as a blue collar worker. But it has to be important to you. At least more important than much of the frivolous shit that most of us seem to think is a necessity today. I remember, years ago, refusing to get cable because I thought $5/ month was insane. I'm paying more than 20 times that for satellite now. And cable is even more expensive. I've been wanting to cut it off for years because there's very little worth watching, and I almost never turn on the TV. But my wife and daughter seem to think we must have it.

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Fuck Comcast

Comcast, the /. Beta of ISPs. [ okay, perhaps that's VERY unfair to /.. :-) ]


You can turn off beta. I still haven't seen it. You can also not visit /. if you are that bothered by it. In mine, and many others, area there is no real choice for connectivity. Sure I can put a satellite dish with limited bandwidth on my roof, or use a slower, more expensive mobile solution. I could get DSL, which is less than 10th the speed of Comcast. or get one of the local WiFi providers and pay about $1K upfront for equipment. So, no. There really is no comparison between the two.

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Why the GP feels we need these to hunt down some guy with a can of spray paint, I couldn't tell you. Wait until your entire neighborhood get covered in gangsta-like tagging, and then you will understand the reason for this.

So it's better to have high velocity radioactive waste flying around and fragmenting all over the place? These types of rounds are meant for use on a battlefield against tanks and armored targets where collateral damage is no little to no concern. Not in urban areas with civilians for a backstop. A stray DU round could easily go through your house, continue on through your neighbors house, through their neighbors house and come to rest half way through the engine block of their neighbors car. And that's if all of the houses are brick

A drone that would need this type of shell to bring it down would probably be too heavy to get off the ground. And it's sure as hell not going to be what someone who wants to put their tag on a bridge is going to use. A shotgun type shell with plastic pellets would probably be much more sensible.

Or do you think they need this type of round to target the person controlling the drone? Are they living in a armor and reinforced concrete underground bomb shelter? If not, then this is pretty damn stupid. But just to be sure, I volunteer your neighborhood for testing. Perhaps they can see how a MOAB fairs. You know, just to be sure.

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Yeah that's why they use it in so many asthma inhalers and electronic cigarette fluids and lots of other things intended to be ingested.

So that implies that those are non-toxic? Ethyl alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, cough syrup, and countless others are meant to be ingested too - But that doesn't imply zero toxicity. Drink a couple of fifths of vodka with a bottle of percoset and tell me in the morning whether those ingestables had any toxicity.

Don't be stupid. Too much of anything can kill you. Skip the vodka and Percocet and just drink a couple of fifths of water in a short period of time. Let me know how well that works out for you. Hyponatremia can be caused by drinking too much water.

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This takes all the fun out of graffiti. There always has been some kind of mark of artists pride to have people look at a tag and say "How the bugger did they get up there?"

Now it will just be "Oh, high-tech vandals." The magic is gone

The "magic" has been gone from graffiti since the early 80's. In the US at least. I rarely see anything other than tags these days, and not many of those are all that impressive any longer. I've seen some pretty nice graffiti in Europe though. Germany in particular.

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ultimately strafing the vandals who sent them with gatling guns full of spent U238 bullets, cleaning up both our streets and the gene pool.

Brutally murdering people for graffiti aside, why would a gun be full of spent rounds?

The GP is talking about depleted uranium rounds They are used mainly for armor piercing because the rounds are very dense and can be made thinner than a lead round of the same density to decrease drag. Why the GP feels we need these to hunt down some guy with a can of spray paint, I couldn't tell you.

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When government saves a life, Jesus punches a dolphin in the gills.

So does he ask his father to put the gills on the dolphin first, or how does that work?

They're proverbial gills you insensitive clod! It's like poetry man, artistic license and whatnot...

No. You have it all wrong. It's how sharks are created. Kinda like when the televangelists hit people in the head and tell them they're "heal-DA" As punishment for the gov't saving a life, one cute flippy dolphin gets turned into a "shark-A". This will ruin everyone's beach vacations. When there's enough, the end of days will come in the form of the Sharknado, and clean the earth of the heathen government.

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However what you seem to be saying is that women are a better fit for indoor jobs at a keyboard than all the males here that just happen to be doing such a sissy job instead of cutting down trees :)

Actually I was saying that men are better suited for singular focus jobs. It's just that in modern times those tend to be more inside than they used to be. It's funny that until the last 20-30 years, typing was considered a women's job. When I was in high school, girls were required to take typing. It was optional for boys.

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