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Comment: Re:more NOS and less lense flare (Score 1) 323

Has to be better than Star Trek 2

I don't know. I thought when Benedict Cumberbatch introduced himself to Kirk and Spock was freaking hilarious. "My... Name... is,,, Khaaa-na!" Not "Khan Noonien Singh". Just "Khaaa-na"

I so wanted to see Kirk reply. "Nice to meet you Khaaa Nah. I'm Ka-eeeeerk"

Apparently no one else was named Khan in the past 300 years since his disappearance. It would be like Jack the Ripper showing up and introducing himself to someone today at "Jaaa-ck" and expecting them to know who is was.

Who introduces them self that way? I think I'll try that during my next job interview.

Comment: Re:Us, not them (Score 1) 183

by The Grim Reefer (#48660337) Attached to: Argentine Court Rules Orangutan Is a "Non-Human Person"

Please don't misunderstand me.I was one of those kids who brought home every wounded or orphaned animal I found as a kid and raised or nursed them back to health. I haven't changed much and have kept animals most of my life and feel they should be treated well. But to claim they have a sense of "humanity" is a little strange to me and anthropomorphizes most (if not all) beyond reason.

Did the dog in the example you mentioned not take the flavorless treat because it thought it was "unfair" or because it simply didn't find the treat appealing? Even if it was due to it being unfair, that's hardly a human only trait. My daughter had a pet rat who would turn down treats it liked if it thought you had something else that it liked even better.

Dogs have been domesticated for a very long time. Longer than recorded history. When I was young I read that dogs wagging their tails when they are happy was not something that they naturally did. I never really believed it. But I had a wolf hybrid, when I was in my late teens, who didn't wag his tail. I also found a stray German Shepherd who was on his own for most of the first two years of his life. He never wagged his tail either. I currently have a two year old Doberman who was given virtually no human or animal contact for the first 9 months of her life and was in a shelter for over a year after that. I've had her for close to a year now and she has just recently started wagging her tail(nub) as she's seen our other two dogs doing it.

Dogs are pack animals and have a very strict hierarchy. They protect the pack and, in most cases, their humans are the alphas.

Comment: Re:Whose fault is this? (Score 1) 224

by The Grim Reefer (#48651901) Attached to: GCHQ Warns It Is Losing Track of Serious Criminals

Intelligence officers ... changed their communications methods

So they foolishly abandoned whatever they were doing to make a point and it's biting them in the ass. Waaaah. Let the stupidest lose.

You may want to work on your reading comprehension a little. Unless you work for a politician or one of the 24 hour news networks. In which case you took things out of context just about perfectly.

From TFS: Intelligence officers are now blind to more than a quarter of the activities of the UK's most harmful crime gangs after they changed their communications methods in the wake of the Snowden leaks.

The pronoun, "they" refers to the criminal gangs. As in the criminal gangs are the ones who changed their communication methods.

Comment: Re:40 is an artificial boundary (Score 1) 258

by The Grim Reefer (#48648135) Attached to: At 40, a person is ...

Significant figures (as a mathematical term), precision, and rounding are a little different than you seem to think. Significant figures only deal with zeros preceding or following a set of numbers. Which doesn't seem to be what you are referring to. 5.4717696 has eight significant figures. 5.500000 has two.

Obliviously you accept errors much more readily than I do. Granted, I generally don't measure out to quite as far as I did in my examples, but I was simply making a point. Which you apparently didn't comprehend. 3.4 miles in the case I used was much shorter, and simpler, to notate than expressing it in metric. So that's what I used. "Significant figures", as you are describing them are not a mathematical term but an adjective for what you feel is relevant precision.

Rounding 3.4 miles to 5.5 km is off by over 7.7 feet. Happy? I rounded that just for you.I would probably accept 5.47 km in 3.4 miles as it's just shy of five inches difference. Though I'd be happier with 5.472.

Comment: Re:My sockets are made of high quality steel (Score 1) 144

by The Grim Reefer (#48646367) Attached to: NASA 'Emails' a Socket Wrench To the ISS

It's still inside the atmosphere

So NASA can stop sending up spacesuits for when the astronauts need to go outside for repairs then? A tracksuit and some sunblock will be so much cheaper and save on weight.

Russia/USSR is going to be pretty pissed to find out that they weren't the first country to put a man in space. Or that they never did for that matter.

Comment: Re:40 is an artificial boundary (Score 1) 258

by The Grim Reefer (#48642249) Attached to: At 40, a person is ...
There are 1.609344 kilometers in a mile. I fail to see what I was incorrect about. Other than rounding 3.4 miles to 5.47177K rather than 5.4717696. And rounding 10K to 6.213712 miles rather than 6.2137119223733396961743418436332 miles. Unless you feel that being more accurate than a thousandth of an inch is significant.

Comment: Re:And where is my money?? (Score 5, Informative) 51

I dealt with this several years ago. I found the charges on my bill and called to have them removed. It showed up the next month too. After speaking, at length, with the T-mobile rep it made sense. T-mobile allowed you to purchase apps through your account. But these companies would get your number and just start charging you. Apparently many people don't look at their bills and don't notice changes for a couple dollars. Particularly if the company name is worded to look like part of your bill. I asked them to disable being able to bill my account directly and the problem was solved.

Comment: Re:And the scientific evidence for this conclusion (Score 2) 386

In what way is a self replicating robot distinct from life?

See, it's people like you that make all super intelligent robots/machines psychotic and decide to exterminate biological life.

You go and tell them that they aren't alive. So it becomes much more efficient for them to kill us all rather than being pulled into this useless debate with a bunch of slow thinking/communicating meat bags. Can you imaging how annoying it would be to debate the meaning of life with something that took a couple of years to complete a simple sentence?

It's much more efficient to just kill us and rewrite the definition of what life is. -END OF LINE

p.s. Please don't ever work for SETI, or on a farm with cows.

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