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Comment Re:APorsche Self-Drive? (Score 1) 213

When I bought mine I fully expected to meet a lot of jerks. But I was pleasantly surprised that most Porsche owners are simply people who love motorsports and genuinely love driving a proper driver's car.

Try driving a Corvette around Porsche owners. I love cars and like many different types for different reasons. I enjoy working on them too. Unfortunately I don't have the time for it like I used to. But I can't get over the hate I get from Porsche owners when driving my Vette . They're both great cars for different reasons. A Vette is nowhere near as refined as a Porsche, but it has enough strong points too.

Comment Re:Trump just says stuff (Score 1) 875

Of course, the angry redneck and the stupid sophomore both have one thing in common: You can't tell either one of them a damned thing right now which refutes their little dreams.

That's not limited to "the redneck and stupid sophomore". Damn near the entire population of the US is like that anymore. It's strange how we have better communication and more access to information than ever before in this country, and people are more narrow minded than ever.

Comment Re:Keyboards? (Score 1) 332

I wound up replacing it with a "gamer" keyboard with Cherry switches. It's decent (even has glowing key bling

I've been temped to get one of those. My daughter has a Razer Black Widow Chroma Clicky.

It's not a bad keyboard. But for that kind of money I prefer a Kenesis Advantage these days. I don't really have time to play games much anyhow.

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