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Comment Trek continues (Score 3, Informative) 35

I watched the three episodes of Trek continues a while back. There were only three back then.I haven't had a chance to watch the latest two. Some of the actors could have been better, and it takes a little bit of getting used to them not being the same people as were in TOS. But the stories were pretty good, and the sets, wardrobe and effects were spot on. While you could make better special effects on most home PC's, they kept all of the CGI looking pretty damn close to the original series. I enjoyed it enough that I re-watched the original series again afterward.

Comment Time to rethink the "war on drugs" (Score 4, Insightful) 118

Seriously, isn't it about time to rethink the war on drugs? It should be pretty damn obvious, to even a politician, that casual drug users are not an infinitesimally small minority of the population. How about plowing all of that money into education and actual rehabilitation. Besides, we always have the war on terror as an excuse to violate the Constitution when needed.

Comment Re:First robot (Score 1) 239

I see an emerging market for "space squatters"... humans (in varying degrees of suspended animation or liveliness) being sent out to plant flags and hold on to stakes. The rationale being that a robot attacking a human is a criminal / act of war and could more successfully be litigated as such back on Earths and stuffs.

That's an interesting idea actually. Someone who has a terminal illness could possibly get some money for their family by agreeing to do this. I suppose as long as they can land a capsule that won't be heated by the sun or whatever, they could be classified as being in a state of suspended animation. Granted, the technology to revive them doesn't currently exist, but it may someday. Kind of like all of those corpsicles at Alcor or some other cryogenic company. Except if the capsule is removed, the corpsicle may lose the potential to be revived, thus it could somehow be construed as murder/killing.

Comment doubtful (Score 1) 242

Fox says the shorter ads, which require viewers to engage with them online, are more effective because they guarantee the audience's full attention."

Just like they read every EULA? Or how they read the notifications in Windows? They'll quickly learn the pattern they need to click to get back to watching their show. I couldn't tell you how many times I've seen people install malware because they reflexively clicked some pop up window from their web browser. I've caught myself almost doing it because I was in a hurry. This will be no different.

Comment Re:Detecting weapons is NOT the purpose of TSA... (Score 2) 349

As I have pointed out here before I have accidentally brought banned items through security without any real effort in concealing them, they were left in coat pockets, and the TSA never once found them. Yet every time I bring my camera through I get to play 20 questions with the otherwise unemployable.

I was traveling with a colleague a few years back and he discovered that he had left an entire box of ammo for his .357 in his jacket pocket when we got to the gate. Since we didn't have a lot of time, he decided to throw it in the trash rather than go through the hassle of dealing with the TSA. The way they act when you forget a tube of toothpaste in your luggage, we probably would have been banned from flying for life. At least that was his fear.

I remember flying through Amsterdam sometime around 2005 with an external hard drive. They weren't as common then. I got detained for a couple of hours over it. I'm still not sure what they thought it was.

Comment Re:"Security Theater" (Score 2) 349

Don't worry, they've been aware of this for YEARS

Indeed they have. I'm not sure if they could have asked for a better outcome from 9-11 actually. It seems like quite the victory to me.

Anyone flying has lost a sizable percentage of their personal freedoms going forward, and the bad guys don't have to lift a finger. It's also a huge drain on the economy. Not only in the amount of money spent, but on the amount of time lost by everyone standing around (TSA-Thousands Standing Around). At least the TSA has stopped irradiating us though. That's a baby step in the right direction.

I've said it before, but I still don't think they even want a successful attack going forward, on the US at least. The failed attempts have been much more costly for everyone. All they have to do is give a complete bomb to some patsy and be sure it is configured to malfunction. One idiot gets caught and everyone in the US goes bonkers over it. After the 9-11-01 attacks, everyone in the US was more united than any time I can remember in my adult life. 95%+ of the population was ready to attack anyone over it. The failed attempts seem to remove the threat of retaliation and unifying the population. In fact they tend to keep everyone arguing and wasting more money on prevention of something that will never happen again.

Comment Re:a missile that anyone can buy for $500 (Score 1) 37

did you actually think about what you were saying? the fact that anyone can easily purchase a missile now for such a low price is a huge fucking deal.

Weaponized drones are/could become a big deal, but to compare it to a cruise missile is over inflating things a bit. A Tomahawk cruises at around 550 mph, and has a 1500 mile range. You aren't going to purchase a drone at your local Hobby Hut that comes anywhere close to that. A Tomahawk also carries a 1000 lb conventional warhead, or cluster bombs. There is also the retired 150 kt nuclear warhead. The US still has them, just not attached to any deployed missiles at the moment. A tomahawk can also fly in any weather. Most drones will not fly in moderate winds or rain.

If it hasn't happened already, I'm sure Phalanx CIWS will start to be deployed on land soon too. They can probably be loaded with plastic rounds that won't cause much collateral damage, but sure as hell will knock a drone out of the sky.

Comment Re:And the poll is late. (Score 1) 252

BUT if there are trees or buildings to the south of you, the sun gets up over the trees after 10 and is hiding behind them before 3. Living in a mature treed neighborhood in Edmonton gives a short 5 hour day.

It's a good thing the earth doesn't have an atmosphere that diffuses light. Otherwise there would be light before 10 and after 3 in your example. Oh, wait.

Comment Browser alternatives? (Score 1) 134

Is there another browser that can be configured like FF with the Tree-Style tabs add-on? I've gotten so used to having the tabs along the left side of the browser, that I can't stand using a browser with them across the top. I tend to have a lot of windows open, 14 at the moment. And currently have 7 to 22 tabs open in each window. If I'm researching something, that number can go up more. When the number of tabs gets past 8 or so, it's too difficult to figure out what's in them if they are across the top. I can resize them to be wider if they are along the side.

I've looked at PaleMoon, but it won't work with that add-on, and I couldn't find one that worked. Chrome also doesn't seem to allow for it, or at least the last time I looked. Nor do any of the other dozen or so browsers I've tried.

Thanks in advance.

Comment Re:Summary (Score 1) 203

I can't say I've really followed this topic. However, it's a shame that we're so bombarded with crap these days that the default conclusion is that everything is BS unless it's unequivocally shown to not be. Even so, this is an independent organization (NASA) reporting on this and it appears that there may be something more to it than just being a hoax.

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