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Comment Re:Amazon is run by Nazis (Score 2) 138 138

The downside is that it has taken TD nearly 2 weeks to refund my money each time I have tried this, in spite of their stated policy to refund within IIRC, 48 hours.

I am greedy and played unfair with a company, now they're playing unfair with me. Wah!

Comment Re:German autobahn is not an example for you guys (Score 1) 525 525

>The French are (statistically) terrible drivers, but the autoroutes are the places you're least likely to see accidents (in my experience anyway).

Isn't that because they're almost always empty (in my experience anyway), maybe because of the tolls?

Comment Re:Hm, wasn't aware there was any controversy (Score 2) 128 128

Well, according to 2000AD Prog 81 (yes, I'm old), some researchers were sent back in time to find out what happened. They appeared over Tunguska moments before the explosion, were converted to anti-matter and Bob's your uncle. Florix Grabundae .

Comment Re:Nice to know... (Score 1) 486 486

As an owner of a Triumph Spitfire, I used to pop the bonnet (hood) and take the rotor arm with me.

Good luck starting it up without THAT...

On a related note, we Spitfire owners never lock our car doors because of the insurance excess payable on repairing a sliced-open soft top...


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