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Comment: Re:Hm, wasn't aware there was any controversy (Score 2) 128

Well, according to 2000AD Prog 81 (yes, I'm old), some researchers were sent back in time to find out what happened. They appeared over Tunguska moments before the explosion, were converted to anti-matter and Bob's your uncle. Florix Grabundae .

Comment: Re:great for terrorists (Score 2) 427

by The Grassy Knoll (#36216018) Attached to: Google Founders' Jets Caught On WSJ's Radar
What paranoia! How many terrorists do you think there actually are, and why would they waste their time on plotting to "off" someone who my grandma probably hasn't even heard of? It's this sort of thinking that, for example, allows governments to implement the ban on liquids in airplanes, and not rescind it even in the face of evidence. Sorry, but can we think before knee-jerking* terrorism into the debate? * (I think I just verbed a noun, by the way)... .

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