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Submission + - Web art turned to plagiaristized gold.

Moraiat writes: Plagiarism on the internet is tricky business. For some, it's quite profitable. Todd Goliath (Goldman) of David and Goliath Tees has had much of his art discovered to be copied, derived, or blatantly traced( Shmorky's (Dave Kelly) art was recognized as duplicated by Goliath and the outcry from the online community has been rapidly intensifying over the course of a day. The main story can be found on SomethingAwful's forum, progress is added as the story develops. The artwork in question, the original, and the overlay of it being visibly "traced" (Image) can be found, posted by the real artist, can be found on his forum post.
Other artists are joining Kelly in his plight, Goldman's been copying others' work for many years, only now someone is standing up to him. Goldman's art is self-proclaimed to be random, zany, stupid, and in your face. His self-biography can be seen here.

Journal Journal: Meta-Moderating

I remember reading once in cmdrtaco's journal about people not metamodding "funny" mods.

I was thinking, perhaps it is because "funny" doesn't do anything anymore, except waste a mod point.

You don't gain karma from it, in fact, you can lose karma from it. Someone mods you up "funny" then mods you down "overrated".

Maybe over/underrated shouldn't affect karma.

The Courts

Journal Journal: the great IP debate 3

I'm really getting tired of reading articles about people who think intellectual property isn't property. I have had a hard time believing people could be so pig headed about the issue until today, when riding my bike home, it hit me like a 30 mph headwind.

People who don't think intellectual property is property never created any. Or perhaps they never created any worthwhile.

United States

Journal Journal: A matter of national security

Us geeks have been going about this all wrong. There's no reason for all theses worms to be going around. They're costing the economy millions upon millions of dollars, and costing the american people many hours that cannot be replaced. This is more debilitating than a terrorist attack. While microsoft is no more responsible for the worms than the airline industry is for 9/11, it doesn't mean changes can't take place.

Journal Journal: Funny mods

So VA is attempting to crack down on the jokers on slashdot. No more karma for funny mods. But you still lose karma when your +5 funny gets modded down overrated.

There still is no metamod for overrated.

I've given up on posting anymore, not going to feed this hellhole. The trolls are the most interesting, it seems.

Slashdot, what have you become?

User Journal

Journal Journal: Did I ever score

Someone asked me if I ever scored with my ex-girlfriend. I wasn't planning on answering this. Some anonymous coward asked this question, however.

I never really planned on scoring with her. Yeah, she looks like she'd be a good deal of fun in the sack. Yeah, she's not bad looking. Yeah, she can look me in the eyes and turn my insides to mush. But then again, so can any woman with a comliness higher than 12.


Journal Journal: Overrated! 1

So I post a comment and it gets modded down overrated either 3 or 4 times. I don't remember now. Of course it was to avoid metamoderation. Such COWARDS!

Granted, it wasn't my best work, and probably deserved to be scored a 1.

You scratch my tape, and I'll scratch yours.