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Comment Re:Under the sea (Score 1) 104

It's so catchy
It's so catchy
There's no escapin', this song's amazin'
And so catchy
You'll never get it out your head
You'll sing the words until you are dead
Even when you sleep, it plays on repeat
It's so catchy

So what? The message is kinda sexist
Girls don't need brain cells, just big ole seashells
Also don't be fat. But you'll ignore that
'Cause It's catchy

Comment Re:Sorry (Score 1) 104

The fact that you think you've presented a "gotcha" argument speaks volumes. Of course I have cognitive biases. That's the fucking point, idiot. The difference between my observation and his is that evidence points to the fact the most people see patterns in things such as this where there isn't any. Events cluster. There's nothing special about events that happened to cluster. In fact, a certain quote about correlation vs causation is well repeated around these parts. I'm surprised people are even debating this.

Comment Re:Gonna get lambasted for this but... (Score 1) 698

And MY point is that it IS about whether your root permissions accidental or not. I can type rm -rf / tmp by accident right now and nothing would happen because I AM NOT ROOT. I simply cannot trash my hardware in that way without first having intentionally logged in as root or sudo. The comparison is simply moot.

Comment Re:Gonna get lambasted for this but... (Score 1) 698

There's no should or shouldn't about it though. It's the root account. By definition, everything the system allows you to do is achievable from that account. The argument should not be "it shouldn't allow you to do that even as root", but "there should probably be higher privileges below root rather than making people go all or nothing". I would agree with the second argument, but I'm the one making it.

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