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Comment: Re:Defensive (Score 1) 97 97

Sorry, I should have used "patent lawsuits" instead of "patent trolls". Didn't think I have to draw intestines on stick figures, but there you go. Some people need hand holding to generalize upon an idea, and I guess you're one of these people.

It's as if you didn't even read the summary. The patents are filed with help from pro-bono lawyers working on behalf of Khan Academy. It costs them NOTHING to file patents.

Comment: Re:Defensive (Score 1) 97 97

Doesn't matter if the suing party is a bona fide patent troll or a frivolous suit from a "legitimate" company. You nitpick on the "patent troll" part. The issue is simple: Khan Academy doesn't have that much money to defend itself against patent lawsuits, no matter who they come from.

Comment: Re:Defensive (Score 1) 97 97

I would encourage you to look at what the Khan Academy is. Maybe they're new to you, but from the years I've heard about their existence, they have been nothing but benign. Salman Khan still makes the bulk of those 10 minute videos himself using nothing but a paint program.

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