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Comment: Re:Galaxy SII (Score 1) 226

by The Dawn Of Time (#37765540) Attached to: Galaxy Nexus Designed To Avoid Infringing Apple Patents

You still seem to be confused. There are very few people who are unsatisfied with the iPhone, as evidenced by the ever-increasing sales and amazing brand loyalty.

Sure, there exists a vocal group of nerds who continue to insist that because the iPhone is not perfect for their every need, no one actually likes it, but that's hatred blinding them, not a reflection of some deeper reality.

Comment: Re:sir, can I use my phone? (Score 0) 185

by The Dawn Of Time (#37765018) Attached to: Will Apple Let Siri and Apps Connect?

Oh, you bought this phone? And you didn't research first if you would be able to do the things you want? I mean with practically no effort at all you could very easily have found out this device doesn't do what you want it to do natively. Apple is very upfront about the development environment for iOS.

Or are you just stretching a lie to make your non-point? I'm suspecting that one, given the whole "I'm entitled to everything I want" attitude that seems to prevail around here.

Comment: Re:No, the problem is "UI designers". (Score 1) 574

by The Dawn Of Time (#37764924) Attached to: No Tab Relocation Coming For Chrome

You live in a weird world if you think the UIs of old were "usable" in any sense of the word. I'm not surprised to come across such retardation here on Slashdot, where a vocal chunk of you think computer reached its nadir in the 70s... but it still gets me that you actually might really feel this way against all available evidence.

Comment: Re:Proof positive (Score 0) 226

by The Dawn Of Time (#37764572) Attached to: Galaxy Nexus Designed To Avoid Infringing Apple Patents

I'm not sure why it's necessary to enable a mom-and-pop shop to compete with the likes of Samsung and Apple. That's kinda like being upset that a Pop Warner center wouldn't be able to play in the NFL.

There is no particular right to do the business you want to do, just the business you're capable of doing.

Comment: Re:Continuous Voice Input (Score 1) 309

by The Dawn Of Time (#37764410) Attached to: Android Ice Cream Sandwich SDK Released

They're only "outright lying" if you take an overly strict interpretation based on assumption, as you did.

Feel free to believe whatever you want, of course. I'm not here to tell you that you aren't allowed to be dead wrong about stuff. This is Slashdot, where there are no bounds on the stupidity you can bring to the table in the name of being smarter than everyone else.

Comment: Re:Tech news? (Score 3, Insightful) 150

by The Dawn Of Time (#37753902) Attached to: Investors Campaign To Oust Murdochs From News Corp

It's a Slashdotter masturbation frenzy. Everyone will get in with a comment about how they're so smart for not believe anything on Fox news, and they'll try to top each other in contests of cleverness by substituting "Faux" for "Fox" because nothing impresses the ladies like snide misspellings.

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