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Comment: Re:Cold calls? (Score 4, Informative) 402

by The Darkness (#39762959) Attached to: Apple and Google Face Salary-Fixing Lawsuit

"Hi Mr. X, we'd like to pay you 25% more to come work for us if you're a good fit for the team."

I love my job and the people I work with, but if Google called with that offer, I would listen. I would be stupid to not listen and at least give my boss the opportunity to make a counter-offer.

Comment: Re:remember what a jury is (Score 1) 388

by The Darkness (#37429956) Attached to: Court Reinstates $675k File Sharing Verdict

Doesn't matter; if you're not willing to behave as an automaton and judge just the facts rather than the law, you won't get on a jury.

The attitude matters. It's one thing to be called and then not asked to serve. It's another thing entirely to shirk your duty because you think you're "too smart" to be on a jury. The fact that they want a biased, ignorant jury is a different issue.

Comment: Re:remember what a jury is (Score 1) 388

by The Darkness (#37428954) Attached to: Court Reinstates $675k File Sharing Verdict

My coworkers and I attempt to counter balance this by treating jury duty as a civic obligation.

All of the "smart people" that get out of jury duty because they're "smart" can go screw themselves. They're the reason that stupid decisions like this are made and become precedent for other stupid decisions.

Open Source

OpenBSD 4.7 Preorders Are Up 191

Posted by timothy
from the so-you're-in-favor-then? dept. writes "The OpenBSD 4.7 pre-orders are up. That means the release is done, sent off to CD production, and snapshots will turn -current again. Order now and you more likely than not will have your CD set, T-shirt or other cool stuff before the official release date. You get the chance to support the most important free software project on the planet, and get your hands on some cool playables and wearables early. The release page is still being filled in, but the changelog has detailed information about the goodies in this release."

Comment: Re:Misunderstanding? (Score 2, Informative) 146

by The Darkness (#28903391) Attached to: NASA Offers $1.5 Million For 200MPG Aircraft

You're allowed to spend a gallon per passenger for every 200 miles traveled. So if you have 10 passengers you can spend 10 gallons to go 200 miles.

10(passengers)*200(miles)/10(gallons)=200 Passenger Miles/Gallon.

10(passengers)*400(miles)/20(gallons)=200 Passenger Miles/Gallon.

And so on.

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