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The Cunctator
The Cunctator writes "A comprehensive analysis of Wikipedia logs by Wikipedian Dragons flight shows that editing rates on Wikipedia have not only stopped their exponential growth, but started declining around the beginning of 2007. Article deletions, blocks, protections and uploads have all decreased in recent months. Is it the cumulative effect of the increasing restrictions on new article creation, the ossification of the adminship process, and the aggressive influence of those who prefer deletion of stubs to creation and those who prefer massive, Encarta-like articles to multiple discrete entries? Or maybe Wikipedia is complete!"
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Comment: Doesn't anyone rememeber the Terminator? (Score 2, Interesting) 550

by The Cunctator (#3575673) Attached to: X-45 Makes Debut Flight
This is like seeing the hot babe in a horror movie hearing a creepy noise outside her house, then silence, and deciding to unlock the door to investigate, all by herself. You think, "C'mon. Noone could be this stupid in real life."

How many SF plots revolve around the military/police/corporation making robots/superweapons/supersoldiers that are a) autonomous and b) armed to the teeth, and the super-weapons end up threatening all of humanity?

I mean, how many, really? Just a quick review of schlocky SF movies gives:

Terminator I,II, etc.


Blade Runner

numerous bad Jean Claude van Damme movies

There's also well-written fiction on this subject--Stanislaw Lem wrote much on this. And Asimov's Laws of Robotics are designed to fight this.

Now you know why these stories get written--the military really is dumb enough to make flying killer robots just to save money (yes, lots of money) in the goal of maximizing lethality.

Let's just hope Microsoft isn't writing the software.

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