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Comment Re:In both the Apple and Android worlds (Score 1) 540

No, I don't. But I don't enter the number on my physical card in any Internet-connected situation, on any website, any online store.

I'm sure you don't need me to give you links to all the various cases where merchant databases of credit card numbers have been compromised.

If they compromise my temporary issue one that has a charge limit of $20, no big deal, I can turn it off, issue a new temp number in 5 minutes.

If they compromise my real card that has my full credit line available, MUCH bigger deal. And while I can turn it off with a phone call, I then have to WAIT while a new one is issued and mailed to me. No thanks. Using the temp numbers completely avoids this risk.

And don't even get me started on giving some merchant direct access to my checking account. No, I insist that money is only taken from me as a result of individual direct action on my part. (I don't let utilities or any other such services direct bill my CC or bank account, either - the few services that won't do billing get a limited temp CC number with a 6-month expiration.)

Comment Trying to google search to buy one of (Score 2) 112

these, its unclear what is the device and what is an accessory for the device. Also unclear which are legit sellers and which might be spam.

The the link to the ESP-01 in the make article leads to a discontinued page.

Anyone got a link to a known reliable vendor to buy these?

Comment In both the Apple and Android worlds (Score 4, Informative) 540

You can buy "prepaid" cards to load finds for purchases made via their respective "stores".

I cannot imagine any situation where you would register a real world credit card to allow direct charges with either of them.

It's sad that people blindly accept that giving a service provider direct access to their credit card or bank account number is a suitable way to pay anything, and its what leads to situations just like this one.

My son has an iPhone. It has a preloaded balance. It CANNOT spend anymore than that. If he runs low he can ask me for a another iTunes card.

I have an Android phone. Same setup - preloaded balance that it CANNOT exceed. It does not have the ability to use anymore than the balance that I have loaded, which I (and ONLY *I*) can replenish as needed

For any service that will not bill any way OTHER than to a credit card, or for any online purchase, I use this:

Comment No answer? Huh? (Score 2) 247

Since a good portion of folks still rely on cable providers for their broadband Internet in order to use Netflix (and similar services) they don't need to do anything other than slowly raise their prices for broadband.

Netflix doesn't scare them (and if they claim it does, they are lying)

Projects like Google Fiber scare them. The FCC enforcing neutrality scares them. SCOTUS declaring anti-competitive bans on municipal/community fiber scare them.

Comment "the choice to turn off the software or pay" (Score 1) 223

Nah, I'd go with option 3 - find a different site.

Maybe the next generation of ad blockers will download the ad content, let the site think the ad was shown, and then just not display it.

Plain text ads like google uses would be fine.

Popovers? Animated ads? Anything that covers or obscures other content? No thanks.

Comment Time to encrypt ALL traffic then (Score 1) 161

and start deprecating ALL unencrypted protocols.

Establish a new connection dispatch service that all all other services would use. All interconnections would first establish a connection to the dispatch, which would establish a TLS or PGP type of encrypted session, and THEN transit information about which service to connect to.

Comment Re:Bandwidth? (Score 1) 64

Yes, I see this as far more useful for fixed installations rather than mobile.

Think neighborhoods banding together to set up their own Internet Co-op ISP's, installing bulk bandwidth in one central location and sharing it among a few dozen homes. The telecoms are going to HATE it, which means its something to celebrate.

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