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Comment: Are they Grown-Ups? (Score -1) 274

by The Cat (#46914633) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Joining a Startup As an Older Programmer?

If you are the adult, the question is not are you hip and irresponsible enough to fit in, but if they are grown-up enough to work with you.

This "pandering to the bros" shit is about half the reason most tech companies shit the bed. And if you're the only adult in the building, see if you can guess who gets to clean it up?

Make them pass the "I'm a big boy now" test or move on. In fact, find three other guys 35-45 and do your own start up. You'll probably stomp the shit out of them in six months.

Comment: So Much Fail (Score -1) 157

by The Cat (#46908411) Attached to: Kids To Get the Best CS Teachers $15/Hr Can Buy

One wonders if part of the curriculum will be that once they turn 28, no matter how much they've learned or accomplished, they'll be fired and relegated to permanent temp status in the American workplace.

And that all the talk of "automation" is a load of bullshit to hand-wave people's attention away from the chronic underpayment of working people.

That is assuming they can get hired at all without impersonating a Southeast Asian staffing company.

Comment: Games (Score -1) 107

by The Cat (#46904021) Attached to: Places Where the Silicon Valley Bubble Could Pop

It will happen to the game industry first. The entire AAA market is sequels, and anything new is trying to make money through bullshit micro-transactions everyone bitches about.

The Indie market is all Unity clones with shitty half-assed graphics that don't sell unless they're on a 75% discount on Steam, and even then, everyone bitches about them.

The Flash market was fine until Adobe and all the two-bit dumbfuck five-dollah arcades smothered it under a hairy bare ass.

There hasn't been a hit retail mobile game since Angry Birds. All HTML5 games are Gamemaker clones with no sound.

Game industry is fucked, folks. Sell short.

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