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Comment: Yeah (Score -1) 346

by The Cat (#46796473) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Hungry Students, How Common?

This article makes it sound like the inability to afford food ends when you graduate.

But then grocery stores that gouge customers who don't have club cards or that charge confiscatory prices for food that is so plentiful we pay farmers not to grow it is a subject very much like liquor stores in poor neighborhoods.

You're not allowed to talk about it.

Comment: Re:Militia, then vs now (Score -1) 1581

by The Cat (#46789583) Attached to: Retired SCOTUS Justice Wants To 'Fix' the Second Amendment

but we do not need to fear our military the way you seem to.

I don't fear the military. I fear a population led to believe the Federal government has the authority it claims to have.

nor would they stand idly by while someone else does it.

Sounds like we agree. So how about you get off my leg and start directing your outrage where it belongs?

Comment: Re:Militia, then vs now (Score -1) 1581

by The Cat (#46773471) Attached to: Retired SCOTUS Justice Wants To 'Fix' the Second Amendment

There is an argument to make. The Second Amendment is there to protect the people against all enemies: foreign and domestic. If the Second Amendment is repealed, abridged, modified or otherwise tampered with, it weakens the nation against those enemies.

You can spout all the hyperbole you want, it doesn't change the reality of the situation: that if all other rights are taken from us, by stupidity or surrender, the Second Amendment is the last line before Americans start getting herded into railroad cars.

And that's not going to happen on my watch.

That clear enough for you, or do I need to use charts and graphs and an easel?

Comment: Re:Militia, then vs now (Score -1) 1581

by The Cat (#46770135) Attached to: Retired SCOTUS Justice Wants To 'Fix' the Second Amendment

You can't have it both ways.

Yeah, we can.

Nobody argues it should be legal to scream "Fire!" in a crowded building to cause alarm

You can if the theater is on fire.

I don't understand why they argue any average joe should be able to carry an automatic rifle.

Because the Second Amendment says they can.

Guns are for defense: of the individual, the neighborhood and the nation. You will never disarm the United States. It cannot be done by any power on, under, over or in orbit around this planet.

Find something better to do with your time.

Comment: It's a Planet (Score 1, Informative) 47

by The Cat (#46743671) Attached to: Pluto May Have Deep Seas and Ancient Tectonic Faults

It was discovered by Clyde Tombaugh. Pluto is the only planet to be discovered by an American.

Tombaugh sat in 30 degree temperatures with a wooden telescope (that he built himself at his own expense) laboriously taking pictures at long intervals so he could measure (by flipping photographic plates back and forth) if anything moved.

It wasn't until he was able to use a 13-inch astrograph that he found Pluto in 1930. This guy was a stone cold badass. Nobody has any right to deny him his discovery.

Comment: GIve it up (Score -1, Flamebait) 107

by The Cat (#46736267) Attached to: The Comcast/TWC Merger Is About Controlling Information

Internet culture has long passed the point where it actually gives a fuck about the Internet. It only took 20 years for the people who built the web to be replaced by ten times as many headset-wearing asscracks who neither understand the Internet nor would give a shit if they did.

When some monopoly trillionaire (or just five or six large corporations) buys the fucking thing and turns it off, the best you'll get is a "meh."

You probably think I'm kidding.

Comment: Bullshit (Score -1) 181

by The Cat (#46709933) Attached to: Do Free-To-Play Games Get a Fair Shake?

Games are an industry trying to make money from a free product sold^H^H^H^H given away to people who refuse to pay for entertainment on principle.

1. If it's shareware, they pirate the paid version
2. If it's ad supported they block the ads
3. If it's based on microtransactions, they hack the server, steal all the credit card numbers and post penis pictures
4. If it's client-server, they hack the server and post penis pictures
5. If it's retail, they pirate it
6. If it's a free app, they complain it sucks
7. If it's a paid app, they pirate it

Then people wonder why there's only six game companies left, and all of them bury their games under 118 layers of DRM.

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by The Cat (#46694895) Attached to: Online Skim Reading Is Taking Over the Human Brain

This guy is an atheist. Did you all get that? He's an atheist. If he weren't here, he would be going door to door telling people he's an atheist. The brain wasn't designed by God. It's just a chemical reaction that makes noise. Kind of like this guy.

Stir fry is a chemical reaction that makes noise too. Maybe it has an opinion.

Oh, in case you were wondering. That guy ^ up there? He's an atheist. And he's not going to let you forget it.

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