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Comment: Ravensburger was the first (Score 1) 409

by The Car (#41981895) Attached to: Apple Orders Memory Game Developers To Stop Using 'Memory' In Names
If I may.. from http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/7688/memory :

First published in today's form by Ravensburger in February 1959.. There are hundreds of different Memory games - starting with 24 cards for the youngest.. The most famous publisher is Ravensburger - they have the rights for the brand name Memory - and they have really nice ones.

I still feel that banning the use of "memory" in a keyword is ridiculous.

Comment: Re:At the risk of writing flamebait... (Score 1) 46

by The Car (#35512930) Attached to: Book Review: Learning ExtJS 3.2
I agree to an extent. I ended up ditching ExtJS and rolling my own editable grid, server communication, popups, etc. Of course, I had very specific "low level" (if one can even say that for JavaScript) requirements for functionality and render optimization. ExtJS is great for getting a UI up and running quickly.

Comment: Re:In other words (Score 1) 450

by The Car (#35296726) Attached to: Apple in Talks to Improve Sound Quality of Music Downloads
I used to think there was no difference between Monster and those other cables. I listened at a friends house and couldn't tell the difference - AT FIRST. Then he showed me the gold ends of the Monster Cables, explaining how they maximize and up-convert the signal. After plugging the glistening gold connectors back in, I could immediately tell the difference. Sometimes you have to listen with your eyes, not just your ears. :)

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