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by ThaumaTechnician (#46821609) Attached to: The $5,600 Tablet
Thanks, Lumpy, I came here looking for a mention of Panasonic's offerings. My personal laptop is a Toughbook - yeah, they rock!. I get knowing nods from the Commissionaires at airport security... If the military needs Windows on their tablets, they can get a Toughpad FZ-G1 for half the price of the Xplore - and the display, at 1920 x 1200 pixels, is even brighter than Xplore's offering. As per the spec sheet, the standard operating time of 8 hours can be extended to 18 hours (!) with the optional battery. Bonus: with all the money that they'd save, they could buy some very good whiskey to celebrate a successful mission (or to drown out an unsuccessful one..).

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by ThaumaTechnician (#46307747) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Do You Manage Your Passwords?
I'm at a loss to understand what the security issues you would have such that cloud-based password managers are a hazard. And yet, such that you can get away with passwords that you can commit to memory.

Any password you can remember is a password that is already in thousands of crackers' try-these-first password lists. All of the online security breaches of password database have provided a rich and extensive database of passwords that people actually use. No, you need to use a password manager. Like five years ago. But a password-managing device is the worst possible option you can consider. How can you back up your password database?

A good, completely off-line option is Steve Gibson's 'Off the Grid' password generator here: You could generate a paper grid and use that. It can be reprinted as needed, and even if you lose it, no problem.

Some/all of the cloud-based managers can be used offline. I know for a fact that LastPass does not need to be connected to the 'Net to work. It's free, try it out - see if it works for you. There are 'LastPass Portable' versions, designed to run off a thumbdrive.

For a buck a month, LastPass provides stellar technical support (one of the programmers called me at home to sort out an issue I was having when using 'LastPass for Applications' with the steaming pile of a crap that is iTunes): Their security has been vetted by trusted reviewers, they use best practice encryption and protocols. Perhaps their Enterprise services will fit the bill?

Cheap at twice the price. I can't recommend them enough.

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And in case people don't understand how footnotes works in Wikipedia, a direct link to the 'other' Wiki's page with her order:

WARNING: if you work for the US Government, it is vitally important that you perform your unending duty to Think of the Poor, Poor, CIA Operatives. (Well, except for that traitorous-because-she-married-an-honest-man Valerie Plame.) As part of that ongoing mission, it is critical that you remain uninformed, so DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK THAT FOLLOWS.

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