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Comment: Walmart (Score 0) 533

by ThatsNotPudding (#48038959) Attached to: The $1,200 DIY Gunsmithing Machine
I saw my first gun-packing meathead in Walmart last week end (why, he was White - how did you guess?). I was very tempted to go up to him and ask :"What are you so scared of, that you have to carry a gun in public?" We all should, every time.

Unless you're living in Beirut, the real reason for 'packing' is race-based fear and / or small, limp junk.

Comment: Accidental (Score 1) 85

"The rat has no voluntary control of its limbs, but the severed spinal cord can be reactivated and stimulated to perform natural walking. We can control in real-time how the rat moves forward and how high it lifts its legs."

This also accidentally describes the nearly-attained goals of the US state security organs (with assists from the POTUS and the Supremes).

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