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Comment: The final nail (Score 1) 264

by ThatsNotPudding (#48432763) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Workaday Software For BSD On the Desktop?
I think the final nail in the anti-system movement [a proud member] was Torvalds' non-chalant, I-can't-be-bothered-with-such-trivialities response when asked about this virus. I can't be the only one that was stunned by his attitude, assuring the rapid takeover of Linux by the Red Hat / NSA consortium.

They will be coming for your kernel one day, Linus, but there will be no one left to speak up.

Comment: Follow the money (Score 1) 547

It appears RedHat has realised that, through systemd, it can readily provide preferential support for its own projects, and place roadblocks up for projects it does not control, thus extending its influence broadly and quickly. By using tenuous dependencies amongst its own projects it can speed adoption even faster.

And who is one of Red Hat's most lucrative customers?

The National Security Administration


Big Talk About Small Samples 243

Posted by samzenpus
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Bennett Haselton writes: My last article garnered some objections from readers saying that the sample sizes were too small to draw meaningful conclusions. (36 out of 47 survey-takers, or 77%, said that a picture of a black woman breast-feeding was inappropriate; while in a different group, 38 out of 54 survey-takers, or 70%, said that a picture of a white woman breast-feeding was inappropriate in the same context.) My conclusion was that, even on the basis of a relatively small sample, the evidence was strongly against a "huge" gap in the rates at which the surveyed population would consider the two pictures to be inappropriate. I stand by that, but it's worth presenting the math to support that conclusion, because I think the surveys are valuable tools when you understand what you can and cannot demonstrate with a small sample. (Basically, a small sample can present only weak evidence as to what the population average is, but you can confidently demonstrate what it is not.) Keep reading to see what Bennett has to say.

Comment: Ten bucks a month (Score 1) 105

by ThatsNotPudding (#48377031) Attached to: How YouTube Music Key Will Redefine What We Consider Music
Nope. I'll carry on with free Pandora and my own collection, thanks. I really don't see a $120 annual bill appealing to the same stressed economic group that is now 'cable-cutting'.

Plus buying music from YouTube just sounds like the equivalent to shopping at Dollar General: embarrassing.

Comment: Pointless (Score 2) 162

by ThatsNotPudding (#48376989) Attached to: Linux Foundation Comments On Microsoft's Increasing Love of Linux
In light of them strong-arming every manufacturer that dared to use Android with threats of supposed IP infringement (that has not and probably never will see the sterilizing judicial light of day), this 'change of heart'... isn't.

Satty first needs to don the hairshirt and make quite a few public apologies for past AND CURRENT actions against FOSS.

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