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Comment: Bin Laden Playbook (Score 1) 182

by ThatsNotPudding (#47938155) Attached to: Snowden's Leaks Didn't Help Terrorists
Attack the US Homeland (vomit), and watch the paranoiacs and self-serving greedy pricks (Chertoff, et al) come to power. This will do far more damage to a supposedly enlightened, modern country that respects the rights and privacies of its citizens than the actual attacks, even if successful.

Mission Accomplished

Comment: Re: real computer systems? (Score 2) 13

9/11 came and went and they didn't learn a thing. Incompetent as ever.

Far more pointedly: the Boston Marathon came and went. So either they let it happen to gain even more power [adjusts tinfoil hat], or all the 'post 9/11' security is total, absolute bullshit, with everything to do with career advancement then an early retirement to a payment in kind consulting gig, and nothing at all to do with the Fath^H^H^H^H Homeland.

Comment: Clarification (Score 1) 292

The main difference is it is cheaper because it can be produced from massively subsidized, aquifer-draining corn.

Plus, corn is used extensively as feed for cattle. But since they really can't digest it for long without getting sick, Big Beef lays on the antibiotics.

Subsidized Corn: making people fat, draining aquifers, and creating superbugs - what can't it do?

Comment: Problem solvers (Score 1) 950

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So why are so many terrorists engineers?

Because analytical minds can wall-off moral issues and cast murderous tasks as merely problems to be solved, up to and including nuclear weapons and genocide. Oppenhiemer wept and whined about what he was part of, but only after solving the problem.

Comment: Ding-Ding (Score 1) 291

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The one thing about salt is that it does make stuff tasty, often the highly processed stuff, making it easy to overdo it. Avoiding salt sort of automatically helps one to cut out the heavily processed foods.

Bingo. Processed foods are basically built out of salt and high levels of carbohydrates, which is just a fancy way of saying 'do you want a large order of diabetes with that'?

Comment: It's worse than that (Score 1) 291

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Where UK citizens would take a month long holiday every year because of the generous vacation time afforded by most European countries, the United States doesn't guarantee any paid vacation or sick time.

Even US worker bees that do have a fair amount of vacation time available to them rarely dare take even 5 days at a time off. Why? The not unfounded fear that some bean-counter or your PHB will start thinking, 'hey, maybe we don't need the guy on vacation AT ALL'. So even while on vacay, we sufferers of never-ending Puritanism can't fully relax due to the fear of a pink slip waiting for us in reward for our holiday tan.

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