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Comment Internet Phase-Out (Score 1) 57

The Internet was built from the ground up with fault-tolerant collaboration at the heart. It never occurred to the well meaning scientists and engineers that some of the users would be out and out assholes.

Internet 3 should be designed with jobs one, two and three being near-paranoiac levels of security (AND ANONYMITY) and purpose-built such that all the existing hardware-embedded code (bugs and all) won't even work, such that the entire 'net and equipment have no legacy garbage with neither lazy (corporate) nor intentional (governmental) backdoors built in (verified via all open code).

Of course, given the twin costs of new hardware and the spooks losing all their peepholes, none of this will ever happen (right, Langley?).

Comment Cart before the Horse (Score 1) 206

Can I point out that the NSA is only doing what the current administration tells them to do and that it is President Obama that has not pardoned him and is pushing for his arrest?

You have it backwards. I can't be the only one that noticed President Obama did a near 180 from Candidate Obama, far more than the usual irrelevant campaign lies. Gitmo stayed (and is still) open for business, no one from the Bush admin were prosecuted for their CRIMES, and the number of cowardly extra-judicial remote control murders went through the roof.

Which is more likely, Ockham: the first black Democratic president turns out to be more right-wing than Nixon, or just after the oath of office, he and his family are threatened by the Security-Intelligence empire that has more power than Hoover could have ever fantasized about?

Comment Group Projects (Score 1) 307

Garbage - as it's mainly thinly-veiled training for 'let's all work long thankless hours for our corporate masters'. My kid almost didn't graduate school because of this hooey of having to drag along the dead weight of other kids that just didn't give a shit, nearly destroying his respect for or even seeing the point of higher education (a kid always in the top 5 percentile of their precious, holy standardized testing).

Comment Wrong (Score 1) 243

If you've committed a crime, it's more likely that you, rather than someone who has never committed a crime, will commit the next crime. The term is "recidivism."

No, the term is "Puritanism", meaning once a criminal, always a criminal (especially if you ain't UMC white), with ZERO chance of going straight as the entire society is arrayed against you. You can't live (rentals only) in vast swaths of the country because you will only be ever hired (if at all) at the worst, lowest type of jobs reserved for the Untouchables, and you can't even vote again, FFS!

'Going Straight' is a punchline to a cruel joke, given that in the US, you're literally worth more to the Prison-Industrial complex when you're locked up rather than 'free'. It's a fait accompli as just like the Scarlett Letter, most of this country still gets a secret near-sexual thrill from 'moralistically' brutalizing other people.

Comment Re:Move to the latest version? (Score 1) 435

...I wouldn't be surprised if it will end up with a shitload of requests from the *.A.As spamming the ISPs as they will be able to argue that "IP address does not equal individual" no longer applies.

Eeep. I never thought of that; a number longer than Jacob Marleys' chain of boxes, following you forever. It's starting to feel like ipv6 was a collaboration between the NSA and Satan (beast numbers!).

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