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Comment: Re:If true. If. (Score 1) 194

How many people support DUI checkpoints, free speech zones, unfettered border searches, constitution-free zones, the TSA, the NSA's mass surveillance, protest permits, stop-and-frisk-type policies, unwarranted surveillance in general, or assassination of citizens without trial?

Soccer Moms with Precious Snowflakes.

Comment: Land grab (Score 1, Interesting) 847

by ThatsNotPudding (#47558889) Attached to: Gaza's Only Power Plant Knocked Offline
I saw a map yesterday showing Israel's true intent: with the exception along the Egypt border, they've evenly shoved into the Gaza territory by three klicks. They will be adding that territory to Israel proper with a clear message sent: keep attacking us, and we'll slowly drive you into the sea. I'm just surprised it hasn't happened before now.

Comment: Sci-Fi Story (Score 1) 184

by ThatsNotPudding (#47529853) Attached to: "Magic Helmet" For F-35 Ready For Delivery
The main characters' name was Mingolla. He was in a war in the near future in Central America. The chopper pilots wore these helmets that they never took off; they claimed the helmets let them see the future, the helmets told them he would get wounded but in a good way - just enough to get sent home.

Can't recall the name of the story though.

Comment: Silver Lining (Score 1) 91

by ThatsNotPudding (#47521513) Attached to: Intel Launches Self-Encrypting SSD

and suddenly there's child porn on your encrypted drive that obviously only you could ever have had access to.

At the bottom of the revealed Pandora's Box of NSA horrors is this: now, even a jury of Red-State yokels have pause for belief when the defense can say to them: planting such evidence is childs' play for the organs of state security - step out of line and you may be next.

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