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Comment Still a bargain. (Score 1) 722

I'm on the streaming+4 disc plan. It's only going to be costing me another $2/month over what I'm paying now. I rip the discs and watch them at my leisure. The turnaround is pretty fast, so I can get about 32 discs a month (4 at a time, return them twice a week). Cheaper than Redbox. The new price still works for me. I can understand why it doesn't work for everybody.

Comment Re:Just another day... (Score 1) 391

RTFA: There was a court order, you can see a PDF of the judges' order linked right from the article. And you say there were no objections, but there were, by Twitter, who insisted that the subjects of the court-ordered release of data be given notice and the opportunity to appeal. Also, the court does not have to find that there are lives in danger when issuing a subpoena, only that there is reason to believe that a criminal act has occurred.

Comment Re:Not to be a dick but nextflix (Score 1) 548

The Time-Warner cable division is already split from the rest of the Time-Warner conglomerate.

However, despite being headquartered in the same building as Time Warner, Time Warner Cable is no longer affiliated with Time Warner, having been spun out to shareholders in March 2009.


Comment If you don't want to vote, out of "protest" (Score 1) 836

I understand the desire to send a "protest" vote by not voting for a congressman or senator that has broken your heart, but you should still vote for down-ballot local candidates (sheriffs, judges, freeholders, AG's, etc) and ballot initiatives that have a direct, local impact on you and your community. (And hopefully, while you're in that booth, you'll change your mind about voting for the big-ticket candidates. I mean, you're already there, right?)

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