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Comment Re:Before anyone bangs on about bedallions and so (Score 1) 177

Before anyone starts with the whole "medallion" thing, that's not a thing in London. If you want to publicly tout for business (i.e a black caps), you have to do "the knowledge" which is a very extensive and tough test for knowing your way around without a stanav. And no: having a sat nav is not remotely equivalent to actually knowing your way around

I was going to make a before someone brings up the black cab's "The Knowledge" thing, but you bet me to it. London has always allowed these things called minicabs. You call a number, a minicab arrives and picks you up. These cab are completely different from Black Cabs, which are the only ones that can be hailed on the road. The minicabs drivers have not passed "the knowledge" and do pretty well. They are ubiquitous in london, as much as the black cabs.

Uber is a minicab that uses an app instead of a phone and is completely legal in london.

Comment Re:I liked the Charle Hebdo cartoons (Score 2) 662

Liking Charle Hebdo, Danish cartoons and Garland, does not make you islamaphobic. But assuming a brown kid with some wires and circuit is holding a bomb (and you decide not to evacuate, but still charge the kid with making a hoax bomb, force him to write a statement with the threat of expulsion, and deprive him of access to his parents while in your custody) does however.

Comment Re:So anyone can just submit their github project (Score 2) 138

It the github/content is interesting, why not. Your question is like asking "So anyone can just write a few words in English, and that gets to the front page now?". Yes, and no. It depends on what those words are, and if they are interesting to the readers.

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