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Comment: Re:Alibaba (Score 3, Interesting) 188

by ThatsMyNick (#48009217) Attached to: NVIDIA Begins Requiring Signed GPU Firmware Images

They are selling nvidia cards with a modded firmware? Why? Nvidia is going to change their hardware, and hardware will only accept signed firmware. Fake cards, can choose to simply not do any signature checks on their hardware. Unless the fake cards are real nvidia cards, which for some reason run a modded firmware instead of nvidia singed firmwares, this will have no effect on them.

This is to simply prevent modding. Modded firmware often pushed the hardware beyond the recommended limits. This is more like some of the android phones only accepting signed firmware.

Comment: Re:Solution (Score 1) 405

It is impossible. I am not aware of any merchants that dodge sales tax, but if it is a problem start imposing fines on merchants and book them for tax evasion. Number of merchants is obviously less than number of citizens. Since this is federal taxes, pass a law mandating online merchants (and online middlemen) to impose the tax too. It should be quite easy actually. Merchants already have systems that deal with sales tax (in most of the states atleast)

Comment: Re:Scientific Consensus is: (Score 1) 770

by ThatsMyNick (#47855635) Attached to: How Scientific Consensus Has Gotten a Bad Reputation

You do realise the world of riches that awaits a scientist who could show AGW-denial to be nonsense, right? They'd end up with a Nobel prize, their own science department, and a large research budget. This is such an easily-disproven nonsensical claim made by AGWs it's not even funny. It only seems to work on other AGWs who applaud it and say "See! See! That's what happens!". Others just laugh and assume the AGW in question is a grade-A muppet.


Comment: Re:Reclining should be banned in coach. (Score 1) 819

It makes it IMPOSSIBLE for the person to get any work done in the plane.

That should be quite expected. It is actually that people that want to get work done, that should take the business class seats. Most of the seats will be reclined in economy class, and you may not be able to fit anything on your tray, other than may be your food and a drink. It is not designed to sit a laptop, inclined or upright. You would also be expected to sleep most of the time (or use the on board entertainment system or read a book)

Comment: Re:cram lots of people in a confined space (Score 1) 819

Because you take up more space, and you cost more. There should be a height limit and weight limit, this addresses both your problem. This is not discrimination, this is for your own good in fact. Cramming you in smaller seats will be a problem for you, and people in front of you. These seats are obviously designed for a certain heights, making it explicit is a good thing for everyone involved.

What next, complaining that the local store doesnt care tall sized clothes and tall clothes are expensive?

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by ThatsMyNick (#47821813) Attached to: The Argument For a Hypersonic Missile Testing Ban

Let me just add one more thing. Treaties that are not backed by military support from other countries are useless. Ukraine's agreement falls under this. The treaty could still be useful to Ukraine, who knows NATO might help Ukraine with it, and go on war with Russia. It is still too early to see how Ukraine invasion turns out.

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by ThatsMyNick (#47821787) Attached to: The Argument For a Hypersonic Missile Testing Ban

Jesus: Russia signed a treaty to not invade Ukraine, in exchange for Ukraine's nuclear disarmament. Ukraine disarmed. First nation to do so in the history of nuclear weapons. Then Russia invaded. You want to trust them with another treaty? Suckers!

Well, Russia already has enough test data to just rely just on computer modeling and simulations to develop one. Just like the US. The point is not to impose the treaty on the stronger nations, but the developing and weaker ones. Iran, NK, and the likes. You get to bomb Iran for breaking the treaty (if they signup for it). This is how treaties work, whether you like it or not.

Ukraine made a really bad deal, I agree on that. US was stupid to force/encourage Ukraine to give up its nuclear weapons too. That doesnt mean all treaties are bad ideas and will be broken.

Comment: Re:They will just cheat anyway (Score 1) 322

by ThatsMyNick (#47820973) Attached to: The Argument For a Hypersonic Missile Testing Ban

From TFA, "Such tests are easily observable from space and via radar and signals intelligence gathering (not to mention old-fashioned human spying)." The proposed ban is on testing hypersonic missiles. You can develop them all you want, just cannot test them (testing of which is easily observable). This is not something you can cheat.

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