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Comment: Re:The subscription cancer spreads (Score 1) 71

by ThatsMyNick (#47708259) Attached to: YouTube Music Subscription Details Leak

Well, it is easier for me to pay them, than find other means. I would rather pay them. I do honestly think they are providing a good service. I can have VLC adblock their ads, but their premium service also has higher quality streams. (I am assuming we are still talking about

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by ThatsMyNick (#47627137) Attached to: The Hidden Cost of Your New Xfinity Router

What the hell? I have used this, the wifi access point identifies as XFINITY, you have to login using your comcast account, and the IP you end up using is an IP block dedicated to XFINITY (which clearly identifies in every possible way (rdns, whois) as an XFINITY IP). You dont even share the IP with the host (who gets the usual Comcast IP). There is no way the host would get busted for it. Please stop the FUD.

Comment: Re:It's about time! (Score 1) 148

by ThatsMyNick (#47624629) Attached to: Google Will Give a Search Edge To Websites That Use Encryption

Similarly, putting out the modicum of effort to perform basic security like SSL is a signal that the website is reputable. I mean, if you can't be bothered to buy a $50 SSL certificate and install it, are you *really* trustworthy?

If you are relying on an SSL certificate to determine the trustworthiness of a site, you are doing it wrong. SSL certificates are cheap, and provide no additional trust worthiness to the site (unless they are an ecommerce site, which is a small part of the web). I would prefer sites that accept a username and password to use SSL, but I am okay with them not having it too. I would be a little bit worried about my password leaking when I am a public wifi. So those sites get a random password and a throw away email. I dont gauge the site's trustworthiness by this though (slashdot is a good example of this).

Comment: Re:So, which is it? (Score 2) 151

by ThatsMyNick (#47603339) Attached to: Planes Can Be Hacked Via Inflight Wi-fi, Says Researcher

The pilot can use these data link communication channels to make his/her life easier.

CPDLC is a separate system, it does not depend on the satellite link. The one compromised is the satellite infotainment system. They are not connected. Fly-by-wire avionics are of course isolated (for regulatory reasons).

Comment: Re:So, which is it? (Score 0) 151

by ThatsMyNick (#47602631) Attached to: Planes Can Be Hacked Via Inflight Wi-fi, Says Researcher

Yes, hundreds of people 'deserve' to die. It certainly not the person doing the attacks fault at all.

How does pwning the infotainment system lead to death. People might become bored to death, but I cant imagine anything else happening.

The crew can simply turn off the infotainment system, and go on with their work. There is a reason the infotainment system is not relied on, and attendants still use verbal instructions for everything (including the initial safety spiel)

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by ThatsMyNick (#47540419) Attached to: Verizon Now Throttling Top 'Unlimited' Subscribers On 4G LTE

do you HAVE to stream entire movies and music to it?

I dont have to, but I want to. Why do think I signed up for their unlimited plan. If I were only using 5GB a month, I would switch to republic wireless instead.

why not copy stuff to its storage and maybe save some wireless bandwidth?

Because I dont have the space, and I am instead paying for unlimited data.

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by ThatsMyNick (#47517467) Attached to: MIT's Ted Postol Presents More Evidence On Iron Dome Failures

I never said what Palestine is doing understandable based on the cost argument.

I dont have a side in this war, I find both of them equally deplorable. However the economics of a tool used, and how the other side can react to a tool, can be discussed freely, without taking a side. My point was the iron shield which was specifically build to stop rockets from Palestinian territory. The flaw is it is too expensive compared to rocket is takes down. Building rocket or purchasing good rockets is not that expensive. A few weeks of bootcamp is all is required to train soldiers on rockets (with iran and saudi backing, it costs peanuts to train them, and get better rocket tech)

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