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Comment: Re: Understanding the Indian retailers. (Score 1) 53

by ThatsMyNick (#48441611) Attached to: Indian Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Snub Android One Phones

Are you from the 90s. We have retail stores run by reliance, tata and huge chains. They have their own sister banks and investment firms. I doubt they have to borrow money at all, surely not at 25%, unless it is an accounting trick. Your whole post screams 90s mom and pop store. They have been replaced by chains even in larger towns

Comment: Re: Most of the problem is Monsanto, the Great Sat (Score 3, Insightful) 100

by ThatsMyNick (#48407015) Attached to: Group Tries To Open Source Seeds

Then give the consumers a choice to not buy GMO. Label products as GMO.

Plenty of products are already labeled as NOT GMO. So people already have a choice.

Not plenty enough. I am in the US west coast in a fairly large city, with a whole foods and a choice of stores. I honestly dont find enough products labelled GMO free.

Comment: Re:Why CurrentC will fail miserably (Score 2) 631

by ThatsMyNick (#48253849) Attached to: Why CurrentC Will Beat Out Apple Pay

You are all missing something. CurrentC will be tied to the retailer's membership program. If you want to take advantage of the retail's card or membership discounts, you will have to use CurrentC or the membership card (which will inturn use it). Target has Red card which offers 5% discount (or more). When Target switches to CurrentC, there would instantly be plenty of CurrentC users. Target Red card requires a bank account to be linked, and it has been quite successful. Members discounts would only be for CurrentC users. I am sure if the major retailers all implement this (and only you have register with CurrentC only once), it would take off pretty quickly.

6. CurrentC is based on QR Codes, which is just stupid.

I'll go back to carrying cash before I use a mess like that. Or barter. Or growing my own food on a mountain top somewhere.

Good for you.

Comment: Re: Ugh! (Score 2) 308

Someone died. In an ideal system (and probably one that exists only in imagination), no one would die (except may be the terrorist). Working towards a better ideal system is not a bad thing at all. I personally don't consider this a better system. I do understand that some people do. Why change anything is an ideology you should refrain from adopting.

Comment: Re:Popular US browsers will warm, Chinese ones won (Score 2) 109

by ThatsMyNick (#48192473) Attached to: China Staging a Nationwide Attack On iCloud and Microsoft Accounts

The ones that use SMS dont prevent replay attacks? Any half decent SMS two factor authentication will prevent replay attacks.

2 factor auth is not supposed to prevent a MITM BTW. A page MITM-ing facebook can just pass information between the user and the server (the user will give the 2 factor auth to the MITM-ing server, which will just pass it on to facebook), and keep the session alive for as long as they want.

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