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Comment: Re:Fuck freenode. (Score 2, Insightful) 37

by ThatsMyNick (#48146285) Attached to: Analysis of Linux Backdoor Used In Freenode Hack

I punched one #physics op's buttons so hard, he still bans me on sight in #physics. Even though I trolled him in #philosophy, a channel in which he didn't have ops. This is the calibre of the discourse on freenode's #physics and other channels with academic disciplines for their titles: ops ban based on whims. It's stupid and it reduces the knowledge content of the chat.

If you troll #philosophy, why would you be expected to behave any better in #physics? You are the same person in both channels. I dont see the problem here, really.

All moderated channels. There used to be a channel that aksis owned, several years ago, that had a policy of no kicks/bans. It was a great libertarian experiment in absolute freedom of speech. It was the best channel ever. We fought our battles on a level playing field, with our words (or our bots!).

There was another channel, ##politics, which was moderated like all the other channels on !freenode. You had a choice: you could go to #politics for absolute freedom of speech, or ##politics for same old same old. #politics was by far the more popular, because it was fun. Freedom is a heady feeling.

But freenode got scared of the fun we were having in that channel. The little old ladies that run freenode shut it down, made it like all the other channels.

Freenode is not 4chan. Expecting freenode to be like 4chan is a foolish. If you are in a channel in freenode, you must comply with both channel rules and network rules. Freenode will not hesitate to enforce their network rules in channels if the channel ops are not enforcing them.

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by ThatsMyNick (#48133343) Attached to: The Correct Response To Photo Hack Victim-Blamers

I wouldnt call defaults ignorance. You can blame the one that set the default (or atleast they get the majority of the blame). Expecting an average person to understand why defaults are not the best options is an exercise in futile. This is where we geeks get it wrong.

Also it is not just your phone, you will have to secure the phones of your partners too.

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You could blame them if they choose to store their photos on dropbox or icloud. They did not choose to, it was the defaults in the photo app. All they did was take a photo, and text it to a partner. Also it is not just the celebrities we are talking about here, it is also the partners who used iPhones (and by default had icloud backups enabled)

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by ThatsMyNick (#48131503) Attached to: The Correct Response To Photo Hack Victim-Blamers

What is your bank password, grandpa. You expect anything you sent on the internet to be publicly available, right?

Sexting is common in long distance relationships, whether you like it or not. These images were texted to a partner. The image app gladly backed-up the new images to apple cloud. They were not or they did intend to put it on the internet. Your argument is completely invalid

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by ThatsMyNick (#48009217) Attached to: NVIDIA Begins Requiring Signed GPU Firmware Images

They are selling nvidia cards with a modded firmware? Why? Nvidia is going to change their hardware, and hardware will only accept signed firmware. Fake cards, can choose to simply not do any signature checks on their hardware. Unless the fake cards are real nvidia cards, which for some reason run a modded firmware instead of nvidia singed firmwares, this will have no effect on them.

This is to simply prevent modding. Modded firmware often pushed the hardware beyond the recommended limits. This is more like some of the android phones only accepting signed firmware.

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It is impossible. I am not aware of any merchants that dodge sales tax, but if it is a problem start imposing fines on merchants and book them for tax evasion. Number of merchants is obviously less than number of citizens. Since this is federal taxes, pass a law mandating online merchants (and online middlemen) to impose the tax too. It should be quite easy actually. Merchants already have systems that deal with sales tax (in most of the states atleast)

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