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Comment Re:If the black cabs have a legal monopoly... (Score 1) 215

Depends on how the law is written. You can legal circumvent most laws based on the fine print. Legally circumventing a legal monopoly, is legal and possible. Illegally circumventing a legal monopoly is also possible and is much easier. They should just call it illegal (if they believe it is), instead of weaseling with word like "effectively circumventing a legal monopoly"

Comment Re:If the black cabs have a legal monopoly... (Score 1) 215

...then what uber drivers are doing, by not being licensed black-cab operators, is against the law.

It is not. London has two types of taxis, black cabs (the only ones you can hail of the street), and minicabs (the ones you call a number, the dispatcher sends a cab to you). The former is more regulated, requires passing "the knowledge" test. Dont get me wrong, the blackcabs I have taken have always been excellent, but they are bit of a premium service. The later, doesnt have to pass tests, but are good enough and are as ubiquitous as blackcabs.

Now, uber is a minicab service, instead of using the phone system, uses internet and an app. Notice the word "effectively" in the summary, they just dont like how this system is better than the phone system. Effectively and legally, circumventing a legal monopoly is not illegal. They are framing the sentence in a way that makes it sound illegal.

Comment Re:Before anyone bangs on about bedallions and so (Score 1) 239

Before anyone starts with the whole "medallion" thing, that's not a thing in London. If you want to publicly tout for business (i.e a black caps), you have to do "the knowledge" which is a very extensive and tough test for knowing your way around without a stanav. And no: having a sat nav is not remotely equivalent to actually knowing your way around

I was going to make a before someone brings up the black cab's "The Knowledge" thing, but you bet me to it. London has always allowed these things called minicabs. You call a number, a minicab arrives and picks you up. These cab are completely different from Black Cabs, which are the only ones that can be hailed on the road. The minicabs drivers have not passed "the knowledge" and do pretty well. They are ubiquitous in london, as much as the black cabs.

Uber is a minicab that uses an app instead of a phone and is completely legal in london.

Comment Re:News at 11 (Score 1) 93

That is not the news here. The news here is Samsung is faking its test scores. You can pretty summaries any news article as "When there are money, power or sex involved people are willing to lie and cheat." Or if you were summarizing to a 5 year old, just "people bad".