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Comment: Re:Brought to you by the same government (Score 1) 127

by ThatsMyNick (#49092767) Attached to: Fedcoin Rising?

What is wrong with reducing ones taxes? I dont see anything wrong with it. If someone tells me, if I make deposits worth more than 10,000, I will be taxed a second time, I for sure will stop making deposits above 10,000. I would be stupid not to.

You have no sympathy for anyone trying to reduce their tax bill? You have a weird sense of morality.

Comment: Re:Halves (Score 1) 164

by ThatsMyNick (#49072389) Attached to: How is your book reading divided between fiction and non-fiction?

But mine is 50-50. I enjoy reading both, and I consciously read 1 fiction and 1 non-fiction at the same time. Overall I am pretty sure the time spend is close to 50-50, depending my interest in the 2 books I am currently reading, the time spend may vary a bit. Sometimes I get so engaged, I marathon one of the books, and slow read the other. Number of books wise in the past 5 years it would be 50-50. Time-wise it should be really close to 50-50.

Comment: Re:Usual Arms Race (Score 1) 29

by ThatsMyNick (#49026883) Attached to: Microsoft To Offer Azure Credits To Compete With IBM, AWS

Microsoft went to the market with upto $60K, then AWS and Google countered with upto $100K, then IBM joined with upto $120K

FTFY. You will not get the max credits, it really depends on your business needs. The ceiling is meaningless. I doubt most people have a business case for $60K credits.

Comment: Re:IBM execs are Dems, gave Obama ~million dollars (Score 1) 331

by ThatsMyNick (#48976789) Attached to: Massive Layoff Underway At IBM

1 million is not a lot, it might have very well paid out well enough in terms of fat government contracts. It is the yearly pay of 10 employees (low in the ladder). 6% of the paycheck of the IBM CEO. I am pretty sure IBM's govt contracts would have more than compensated for the million.

Comment: Re:Can we please get the fuck off TOR (Score 2) 80

by ThatsMyNick (#48935705) Attached to: Mozilla Dusts Off Old Servers, Lights Up Tor Relays

I2P cant be used to access google and the general internet. Tor can be. So you should be using Tor, just keep in mind that anything unencrypted can and will usually contain malicious content. Even if not by the spooks, people change stuff for lolz, and monitor stuff for research and lolz. It doesnt mean tor is not good. It is just something you have deal with.

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