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Comment Re: He's an Idiot. (Score 1) 123

You think large cloud providers (Google, Amazon, IBM-Softlayer) dont live up their SLA? History shows they do. If you dont mind, some people like to take decisions based on data available. They can steal your data, as much as they can tap your traffic when you are located in their datacenter or use their physical access to gain root and bug your system. Do we really have to discuss these?

Comment Re: Using your advertised space != Abuse (Score 1) 330

Office 365 subscription is yearly. The next time you renew your subscription you will clearly told of this change. Are they not allowed to stop offering plans? I think microsoft is being more than fair here.

And no they have not taken out the competition. No one really uses Office 365 subscriptions. They have a tiny portion of the backup market. Backblaze and people are much much bigger. This is not them being anticompetitive.

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