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Comment: "Find Your Peeps" (Score 1) 681

My kids have (so far, thankfully) been successful in their college careers, and one key element of their adolescence has been finding their peer group in high school and beyond. Our daughter is/was a performer, so she was a "drama kid". Our son found the ultimate frisbee team, and had a decent group of friends.

Also, be well rounded. If she is a geek girl, she should be sure to be physically active, eat well, and you know, blah blah blah..

Best to you in your future. All is well and will be so forever.

Comment: Re:Just because others do it doesn't make it okay (Score 1) 129

by ThatsDrDangerToYou (#49091123) Attached to: Gadgets That Spy On Us: Way More Than TVs
It's hard to convey the inherent creepiness of, for example, FB having an exceptionally accurate and deep digital fingerprint of everything you have done on their platform. FOREVER. All this info is essentially freely available to any FB friend/frenemy unless we go to lengths to avoid it.

So then... in the "future", some government or private entity will gain access to all of this information and use it for any purpose they wish.

People don't get that someday they may have something in their public profile that they don't want to be public anymore, and not just the pr0n they uploaded last week (but oh yeah, that too..).

"future" -- see also, "now"

Comment: Re:Why different in America? (Score 1) 700

by ThatsDrDangerToYou (#48988201) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Pros and Cons of Homeschooling?
It's OK. I'm 50 now, so I don't care about what "they" think as much anymore.

I look at my peer group--the kids I would hang out with in high school, and a couple of them have committed suicide. Many of them are still single. As a group, by traditional standards (not that it means anything really), modern life has not treated us all that well. Anyway, we accept the past and move ahead..

Good luck and stuff,

Comment: Re:Why different in America? (Score 1) 700

by ThatsDrDangerToYou (#48980731) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Pros and Cons of Homeschooling?
This is sad. I hope you found your way into adulthood OK. I was a public school kid, and had a group of friends despite my marginal social skills. The only difference between your experience and public school is that there is a larger group of kids to excommunicate you and the cast of characters changes frequently.

We found through our own kids (trial and lucky error?) that they really have to find their "people", their social clique within and outside of school.

The growing up never ends..

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