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Comment: Re:Yeesh (Score 1) 584

This is actually really good advice, Dr. Evil! (btw, if Scott wants a non-evil petting zoo, you should really stop trying to have him killed! Let the boy be!)

.. but on a serious note, going through the teen years, what seems to be the important thing is for kids to find "their people", especially if they go to a larger school. They need to be involved with something, anything. If teens have something constructive to do with their afternoons they will maybe not turn into crackheads. Or at least they will be nice, respectable crackheads, not the mean kind.

Comment: Re:It's a PENIS! (Score 1) 333

One can just wonder HOW MANY submissions will be of penises light-shows...

Mod Insightful! I haven't seen any other comments note this OBVIOUS reason why only girls are being recruited for this. Most 12 year old boys' light displays would depict the most epic penis displays, at least until their parents found out. Dammit Mom!

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