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Comment Re:Here's an Idea... (Score 2) 451

I think humans have proven to be amazingly excellent drivers in general. Every time I have occasion to visit a wall-mart parking lot I look at the people and think "Man! Kudos to that freak of nature for getting all the way from their house to the parking lot without swerving off the road!"

When I think of how the average person manages to make hundreds of trips in a row without a collision despite the fact that we have evolved zero traits to support safe driving I get all teary with pride. 200 years ago there was no need for anyone to learn to drive, and yet today the vast majority of the population manages to do it with over 99% success rate. If I was an alien from another planet and I was reading statistics on how the human population behaved I would assume that we couldn't possibly be as good of drivers as we are.

Comment Re:Not many morals in the federation really (Score 3, Insightful) 485

Yeah, the old "we don't use money because we have technology that gives us basic resources on request. Ohh.. but we do employ an 'advanced system of bartering' if you want anything exotic or that anyone else hasn't chosen to provide for free. Also, power is not free, the plants have to be purchased.. unless you happen to be aboard a military vessel or in an advanced area that has a program to give that stuff away.. but the whole economy has to be propped up by a much larger network of money using sub-societies that can feed resources into the non-money using portion."

So, in conclusion: Star Fleet = Burning Man.

Comment Re:Not many morals in the federation really (Score 3, Insightful) 485

I always took the lack of money thing to mean that the show was following a military vessel, and that the "star fleet" military had a rule against it's members using money. I know that is not exactly what they claimed was happening, but all their actions seemed to indicate that if you weren't in star fleet then you had and used money. I seem to remember a science outpost that talked about not having enough funding to buy all the equipment they wanted.

DS9 talked about money all the time.

Comment Re:Really!? (Score 1) 588

I suspect there is actually more to this story.

Consider: 1) This is not a public school, which means that the student is there by choice. 2) There are other private schools (I know of a few on the west coast) that could actually provide a wi-fi free environment with little trouble. 3) Moving is easier than a lawsuit.

From these datum I conclude that the lawsuit has a purpose quite apart from it's stated one. My conjecture is that the child has gotten into some form of trouble, and the school was on the verge of suspending or expelling the child. This lawsuit might well be a ploy to make it effectively impossible for the school to expel the child, since any such action now could easily be construed as discrimination.

When I assume that then this whole thing makes a lot more sense.

Comment Re:Would Jobs have taken this path? (Score 2) 118

Oh no! Some moron from the internet called me an idiot! I'm doomed!

Jobs kicked Apple into shape so thoroughly his second time around that they are just running on momentum now, and will be for a few more years to come. It takes your normal large company 5 or 6 years to fail after it's driving force is removed, and Jobs left apple with no debt and a ridiculous amount of cash in the bank, so I'm predicting something like 10 years of coasting and flailing about weakly before Apple feels any pressure to do anything.

Nothing Apple has done since Job's death has done anything to turn around the company's fortune.

Comment Re:Would Jobs have taken this path? (Score 2) 118

Roots? Apple nearly went bankrupt for the few years that Jobs wasn't there. I'm sorry to tell you this, buddy, but unfocused and useless *is* Apple's roots.

Someone needs to be empowered to kick the company into shape, and unfortunately the hiring process for C level positions specifically excludes anyone with a personality capable of doing that.

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