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Comment: Re:Resignation? (Score 1) 403 403

Yeah, I was a beta tester for that thing back in the day. There were some very awesome things that they had the potential to do with that game, but just flat out refused to do at the mere suggestion. Basically every beta tester begged them not to launch when they did, and it turned into a whopping disaster because they refused to listen.

I didn't even buy the final game because I already knew it was buggy garbage that had many serious flaws of design, and I recommended my friends to take a pass because it was a vast waste of money.

Comment: Re: Good for greece (Score 1) 1238 1238

But you also have an overwhelming majority of young Greeks voting no, on the basis of "it's your fault you loaned it to my parents, you should have known they were lying, and there's no way I can pay it back, anyway."

Older Greeks, I can have a little less sympathy for. But the younger generation, that did nothing to cause this mess, and is expected to live in debt slavery for it? I can't blame them for saying "no." Otherwise they're just perpetuating the system. It'll come back to bite them again 10 years from now, and their children 10 years after that.

Comment: Re:Kernel size and compile reduction (Score 2, Insightful) 107 107

It sounds like the project you want [someone] to start, does this: reads a config file, looks at what modules ended up actually getting loaded, and then enables/disables config options, writes a new config file. Then your subsequent compiles can be faster and your /lib/modules can be smaller.

Comment: Re:Drone It (Score 1) 834 834

So adding an A-13 modernized Warthog, and F-36 new Lightweight Interceptor would be very useful.

Not at a $Trillion a program. It crowds our spending for stuff that actually works. I think the first-wave stuff should be top-of-the-line stuff that we dump R&D into to keep it 20+ years ahead of everybody else and I think the first-wave stuff should be capable of making it safe for everything else to fly pretty much unchallenged. After that, give me cheap stuff that works. We can have multiple types of aircraft in each role, but they need to be cheap to design, cheap to build, and cheap to fly.

The F-16D's unit cost is $27.4 Million. A fleet of 1000 of those costs you $2.74 Billion (which over 5 years is pocket change).
The F-35's unit cost (averaged between the three models, which range from $148 Million to $337 Million) is $245 Million each (no R&D costs included, just building one). A fleet of 1000 then costs $245 Billion. Over 5 years, that will consume 9% of the entire DOD budget. For one plane. One shitty plane that can't dogfight and whose cockpit is too tight to allow pilots to look behind them.

The F-35 doesn't even have a well-defined role. The F-22 rules the skies; bar none. The B-2 owns all ground targets regardless of ground defenses. What's left that we need a plane that costs up to $337 Million before we put gas, weapons, or a trained pilot in it?

Comment: Re:Huh (Score 1) 268 268

"At some point in our past we decided that eye-for-an-eye was not a workable approach to justice and three lifetimes plus hundreds of years for an offense of twelve hours, no matter how awful those twelve hours may have been, goes so far beyond eye-for-an-eye..."

Dozens of multiple counts -- three of which hold 25 to life terms. I'm sure if you knew the details you would say it's not enough.

Again -- anyone who's brain is broke enough to be attracted to kids should not walk free -- ever. Just because they walk, talk and wear clothes doesn't mean they aren't dangerous animals.

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