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Comment Re:More nation-wrecking idiocy (Score 1) 572

And if the full cost of taking a train was included in what you pay at the fare box, the trains would run empty.

Yes, roads and highways are expensive. So are $300M/mile light rail lines that aren't even sold to the public as mass transit anymore, but rather as value enhancement for property owners. You see, they're turning yet another negative about rail transit into a positive - once the tracks are set, they can't be moved to meet demand like a bus can.

Comment Don't want people running AdBlocker? (Score 3, Insightful) 586

Then don't make the advertising on your site intrusive, and abusive.

Ads have been on the Internet for 15 years now, we're willing to accept some advertising. But if you go overboard, we'll find ways to make it go the fuck away. The rise of ad blockers can be correlated with the rise of in-your-face pop-over infuriating advertising. I know the bills have to be paid, but stop throwing it up in my face covering the content.

You've got nobody to blame but yourself. Think of ad blocker software as the DVR 30 second skip button of the Internet. It exists purely as a reaction to content providers going over the line a few too many times.

Comment Re:You CAN'T have ads without tracking. (Score 1) 354

It could very easily happen, by enforcing blocking rules that restrict or eliminate third party content.

That won't work. Even if you don't communicate directly with the third party, you don't have any way to prevent the content provider (who is also the ad provider from your point of view) from passing the information along.

We seem to have latched onto this "third party content" as The Problem, where it's really just a hack du jour for easily spotting a problem. But the only reason a content provider is putting <script src="somewhere else"> into their pages is because it still gets them paid by the "somewhere else." If you hit their own server instead of the third party, they can still forward any requests behind the scenes to anyone, and you won't even know it's happening, but all the same information will be there.

If you eliminate "third party content" you're just going to turn second parties into proxies. And they'll really do it, too. Why wouldn't they?

Comment You CAN'T have ads without tracking. (Score 2) 354

That's never going to happen, so people who think that a compromise might some day be reached, need to let go of that.

Some of the things on the list are extremely easy because the browser itself is ultimately in control. If you don't want animation, for example, then your browser can elect to not animate things. Same for playing sound, executing Javascript, 10kb limit, etc. You're going to get your wish on all of that stuff, assuming you haven't already gotten it already.

But tracking isn't going to go away. Your computer is initiating a conversation with someone else's computer, and there's only one thing you can do to prevent someone else's computer from remembering that it happened: have there be nothing to remember, because nothing happened. i.e. don't request the ad.

If you get the ad, then you get tracking, period. There is no possible compromise between the two sides on this, and everyone who thinks they can have ads but no tracking, is kidding themselves.

Either the ad industry is going to persuade us that tracking isn't all that bad, or the users are going to persuade the media that ads aren't all that necessary. No middle ground exists on this.

Comment Re:This is what real choice looks like (Score 1) 405

Ok... then how about notifying the user that the part cannot be trusted and offer them the choice to continue by entering the PIN and disable access to all items in the keychain until repaired by apple? Hell, even flush out all saved passwords and force the user to re-enter for email and other apps.

I'm really not seeing the justification for bricking the phone out-right.

Comment Re:Power efficiency is good in some places, not al (Score 1) 337

If Intel sticks to what they've done in the last few product generations, they'll still have higher-wattage higher-performance chips at the upper end for servers and workstations. But the ULV parts have been staying at basically the same performance now for a few years, with drastically reduced energy use. I think the current parts are under 4 watts for the same performance you used to have to spend 18 watts to get.

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