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Submission + - Aliens Have a Tough Time Perceiving Human Communications and Tech (hackaday.com)

szczys writes: The screen on that new cellphone has amazing pixel density, color vibrance, and refresh rate. The high-end headphones you just picked up do an amazing job reproducing sound. These devices that make up UI for our modern technology interface extremely well with Humans but are going to be awful communication modes for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. Sure, we haven't made contact with alien life yet. Even if they did pick up our broadcasts or space probes the relatively narrow-range of audio (narrow and low frequency), visual (slow refresh rate), and data transmission methods are likely to make no sense to non-human entities. The Voyager Golden Record took a fascinating approach to making some data available to new civilizations; it's interesting to think of other ways we might communicate with beings of fundamentally different biology.

Comment Re:New age ideas, old age greed (Score 2) 326

Also, wait, so the company wants me to integrate my life with it? To spend my creativity and excitement for things...there? No. How about you give me money, and I will use that money to be creative about the things I want to be creative about. Which, by the by, do not have anything to do with selling shoes.

This might work in some kind of post-scarcity society where people are working on projects they explicitly want to work on, and need a way to organize. But even on Star Trek, ya know, I would still "self-organize" to establish a system with a captain of the ship so when the Romulans are attacking and hard decisions must be made we're not running our battle plans through committee.

But for selling shoes? No.

Comment Re:Just (Score 1) 186

And when the federal ITC expires in January (should Congress do nothing, which is what they do best) it will still be break-even (or better) with grid power in 25 of 50 states. And with a huge manufacturing plant opening in New York next year that is mass-producing modular panels with 22% efficiency, the cost will dive further.

Sure, it's not the absolute most efficient panel out there, but the design is ready to manufacture, doesn't use stupidly expensive materials (GaAs), and isn't subject to stiff import tariffs.

Comment Re:Perhaps I can explain (Score 1) 448

"Or you can just admit that burglary is a really bad example of a gun crime. Burglars are overwhelmingly non-confrontational criminals."

I think you are reading far too much in to what I said. I used burglary where a gun is used is *NOT* a victimless crime. And it is not. And somehow, you read that to mean that I was trying to say burglaries were typically violent.

Or you can just admit that burglary is a perfectly good example for my purposes.

"You can take that to mean that the heightened penalties for armed burglary vs unarmed burglary have successfully dissuaded nearly all burglars from carrying guns."

That really wasn't even close to the argument I was making. Maybe you should re-read it. Because with your response it APPEARS you read that keeping guns away from school will keep killers away from schools -- which is the exact opposite of the argument I made. It will keep law-abiding folk from carrying guns on or near schools. That is all.

Comment Re:Overrun (Score 2) 170

In the old days of pre-WiFi home networking, there used to be a scheme referred to as HPNA, or Home Phone Line Networking where it would carve holes in the frequencies it used on your phone wiring so as to not interrupt analog modems, regular phone calls, or DSL service.

Why do I have a feeling that our friendly telcos won't bother with such good-neighbor approaches to this technology?

Comment Re:Popcorn ? (Score 1) 686

What's truly popcorn-worthy is the SJW infighting that inevitably comes later. You've got the equality feminists and the third-wave feminists and the radfems and the trans-exclusive radfems and on and on and on.

I use the People's Distribution of SJLinux, but cannot stand those splitters who make the SJLinux People's Distribution, the SJLinux Popular People's Distribution, the Distribution for a Free SJLinux, or the Popular Distribution of SJLinux!

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