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Comment: Number 4 (Score 1) 397

by Tharkban (#21243155) Attached to: Paying People to Argue With You
I disagree at #4.

"children" under 18 don't have the same judgment as adults (18 is an arbitrary age, but has some precedence).
It is justified to protect "children" from themselves, by making it illegal for them to smoke.
Adults, on the other hand, are allowed more freedom. In effect they are assumed to know better than to engage in self destructive actions (because they can judge what those things are better than anyone else).
As a society we have chosen not to protect adults from themselves to the same extent.

This is a varient of the "don't have the same judgment" I'll address your counterpoint.

I still say that doesn't matter, because you're talking about comparing a person under 18 who smokes, with a person over 18 who smokes, and their judgment in both cases is the same
The fact that both the "child" and adult smoke has no bearing on their judgment, and whether society trusts it.
The "child" is assumed to not know better than to smoke.
In the case of the adult, the person is assumed to know the risks involved and be able to choose what is best for themself.

As far as using "Mechanical Turk", that's a very interesting use for the service.

+ - Massachusetts adopts Open XML->

Submitted by
willdavid writes "By John Fontana, The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has added Open XML to its list of approved open documents formats. Critics of Open XML adoption, such as Andy Updegrove, a lawyer, Linux Foundation board member and Massachusetts resident, said Microsoft should not be "rewarded for launching a competing, self-serving standard as a next-best defense against erosion of its dominant position." Massachusetts officials acknowledged the criticism, but said the importance of open formats could not be denied. chusetts-open-xml.html?page=1"
Link to Original Source

+ - Fix what slows Apache down by optimizing PHP

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "As the load on an application increases, the bottlenecks in the underlying infrastructure become more apparent in the form of slow response to user requests. This article discusses many of the server configuration items that can make or break an application's performance and focuses on steps you can take to optimize Apache and PHP."

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