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Comment: Re:No carrier and yet no OTA update on Nexus 7 (Score 1) 73

Some of your apps aren't going to ever BE lollipop compatible. At least 2 of my apps broke due to deprecated APIs that were removed for security purposes (one had the ability to show widgets on the foreground of other apps, so for example, I could control pandora while having waze open).

Comment: Another dumb shit from (Score 5, Insightful) 203

Eddie Krassenstein and cohorts, have been at this constantly for the past months. They have made up so many stories, which lack any kind of verification. Do not trust anything that comes from It's just a bunch of marketing assholes trying to make their web-property more valuable by pumping out bullshit that people scoop up and retransmit. Slashdot, please don't stoop this low.

Comment: Re:Prior Art Disallows Patent Applications PERIOD. (Score 4, Informative) 56

by Thantik (#47079349) Attached to: Questionable Patents From MakerBot might be worth a read for you. With the USA no longer being on a "First to Invent" system, and instead "First Inventor to File" means that MakerBot is likely looking to use this change in order to snatch up inventions from the open source community as their own.

Comment: MakerBot, enemy of open source and 3D printing (Score 5, Informative) 56

by Thantik (#47079237) Attached to: Questionable Patents From MakerBot
Here's an article written by MakerBot themselves praising the author of an extruder drive design: and admitting that it was made by someone else...

And here they are, attempting to patent said extruder drive design: http://www.freepatentsonline.c...

They're taking things from the open source RepRap community and attempting to patent them. Do not support MakerBot. Do not buy their machines. And advise everyone you know not to purchase their machines should they be considering it.