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by Thanshin (#47710117) Attached to: Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons Player's Handbook Released

Pathfinder followed the right philosophical path. When the core spirit is right, the resulting product profits.

D&D after 3rd edition had a rotten core. When the directing principle is short term benefit and sacrificing the core for a larger customer base, the resulting product fails.

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by Thanshin (#47693373) Attached to: Ebola Quarantine Center In Liberia Looted

While keeping the yearly Darwin Award, Maybe it's time to create a World Darwin Championship, every four years. With an opening ceremony, different disciplines and medals, a Shakira song, vuvuzelas,...

As medal materials, instead of Gold, Silver and Bronze, I propose Polonium, Arsenic and compressed Gunpowder.

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by Thanshin (#47669365) Attached to: Soccer Talent Scouting Application Teams Up With Video Game Publisher

It's a natural consequence of the underlying system.

A slightly better soccer player can add millions of spectators to each match that team plays. So, the player is indeed causing a production that corresponds to his cost. It's not a player's "fault"; they are just a product. Arguing over a professional sports player price is like arguing about the price of a marketing campaign.

A simple marketing campaign can cost more than the life's salary of an university professor, and yet it doesn't add any value to society. But that's a problem of capitalism, not of the marketing industry nor the sports industry.

Services are not too expensive nor too cheap in themselves; they cost as much as the market values them.

+ - Schoolboy investigated under sedition act for 'liking' pro-Israel facebook pages-> 1

Submitted by oysterman
oysterman (918904) writes "In the first landmark case of the entire planet, Malaysian police is investigating a schoolboy for 'liking' pro-Israel facebook pages under draconian seditious laws. Whether the schoolboy deliberately liked the page, or was tricked into clicking links which causes the like, or possibly facebook liking the page for him without his knowledge (this has happened many times in other cases), this highlights the asinine policies of the Malaysian authorities that has been hit with a number of controversies and embarrassment this year besides losing 2 boeing 777 planes.

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