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Comment: Re:Sweden and UK (Score 1) 10

by Thanshin (#48276313) Attached to: Swedish Regulator Orders Last "Hold-Out" ISP To Retain Customer Data

Well, for the UK it's normal. They are both in the Coalition of the United, together with the United Arab Emirates.

The Swedes' alliance, otoh, makes no sense. Why would you ally to a country with uglier women? Or, in the case of Sweden, why would you ally to anyone*?

*: well, maybe they could lower the bar a tiny bit to let Ukraine in.

[Disclaimer: This post, combining a bad joke, an off-topic comment and some trolling, should replace all my posts for the day. I have a lot of work and had to optimize my daily Slashdot contribution.]

Comment: Re:Find a better excuse (Score 1) 73

by Thanshin (#48276141) Attached to: Pirate Bay Founder Gottfrid Warg Faces Danish Jail Time

Every bittorrent user has tried that excuse when they were caught and I don't think it has ever worked.

And one day, more bad people start doing illegal things from general population's computers not for stealth, with for incrimination. Interesting times will ensue.

Or, in other words, the judicial system is using the fundamentally flawed argument of "it was your computer". As long as they may work, fundamentally flawed arguments eventually fail. And the more they've been used, the more spectacularly they fail. Because if they fail late enough, their failure brings the excarcelation of innocent people, and those things can kill political careers.

Comment: Re:But where are the potentional profits? (Score 1) 107

Tell me how you intend to make a *profit* by going into space with massive amounts of technology and resources???

To get the same things we already have here?

It's a matter of weight, not of composition. Even relatively small asteroids can contain metals priced in the hundreds of billions of dollars.

Comment: Re:LOL ... Scores of Hectares? (Score 1) 94

by Thanshin (#48262141) Attached to: Drones Could 3D-Map Scores of Hectares of Land In Just a Few Hours

Tell me, Muse, of that apparatus of many resources, who wandered far and wide, after monitoring the planted fields. Many the men whose crops it saw, whose ways it learned. Many the sorrows it suffered on flight, while trying to bring itself and its data back alive. Yet despite its wishes it failed to save it, because of the corn foolishly projecting twice the cattle of Helios, the Sun, so the god denied them their return. Tell us of these things, beginning where you will, Goddess, Daughter of Zeus.

Comment: It's in their own slogan (Score 1) 140

by Thanshin (#48259771) Attached to: Verizon Launches Tech News Site That Bans Stories On US Spying

"SugarString publishes thoughtful tech-focused stories that track humanity’s climb towards the new next."

Well, they want to be part of that climb towards the new next.

Nobody said the new next was not going to be a shitty place.

Now I wonder what's the official age at which one can start laughing at younger people for the shitty world they're going to inherit.

Comment: Re:Who? (Score 1) 298

by Thanshin (#48259161) Attached to: We Are All Confident Idiots

The irony is believing that the guy who is more knowledgeable, only asks questions and never accepts any responsibility because "he said during the meeting that there would be problems", is in any way more useful than the guy who gives snappy answers without the knowledge.

At some point a decision has to be made, and raising questions without a plan of what to do for each possible response, is just the non productive self-preservation mechanism of the knowledgeable.

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