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Comment: Re:It's been so long... (Score 0) 150

by Thanatiel (#45011333) Attached to: <em>Half-Life 3</em> Trademark Filed In Europe

Why ? Do you really remember his voice ?
Most of players last played it with the Orange Box when it got out, a while ago now. (although hl2dm is still played by a few thousands, but there is no Gordon voice in there)
Episode 2 was about 5 year ago.
Episode 1 was about 9 years ago.

I do not even remember how Episode 2 ended ...

Episodic content ... get out short parts of the game faster so gamers don't have to wait so much ... right.

Lets' just hope it doesn't go the Duke Nukem way ...

Comment: Is it really surprising ? (Score 3, Interesting) 396

by Thanatiel (#44891899) Attached to: <em>GTA V</em> Makes $800 Million In 24 Hours

Here at least, I've heard about the game in the "News" again and again. (Belgium)

Such or such shop exceptionnaly opened at 22:00 so people could queue and buy the game at 00:00 (here shops are usually closed at 18:30).
Such or such "expert" speaking about the influence on the children of such "an incredibely well done game, so realistic and with such an incredible level of freedom ...".

Is it so amazing that, with so much coverage, people not knowing anything about games would have an incentive, an urge, to put their hands on that "phenomenon" ?

I only remember that GTA IV was so boring, so repetitive and so identical to the previous ones that I put it aside for some other game.
Still, GTA IV was also highly rated and heavily advertised/covered by "journalists".

History repeats itself. Deal with it.

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by Thanatiel (#44282005) Attached to: George Zimmerman Acquitted In Death of Trayvon Martin

What stands out is that, in the US, your murderer will most likely be of the same artificial group than you.

I would guess that it means that people tend to stay among what they perceive as "themselves", and so that you are more likely to be murdered by people living close to you ?

Of all these murders, how many mugging going bad ? How many times was it by an aquaintance ?

On another note, I wonder if these statistics exist for hair color, or even eye color for that matter.

Comment: Re:What? What happened to 359? (Score 1) 782

by Thanatiel (#43791195) Attached to: Microsoft Unveils Xbox One

It would still feels weird with a mod 360 ...
x being in N

1 360 129600 -> Zero (360^x)
1 360 720 ... -> Zero ((x==1)?1:0 + 359 * x ... weird, I know, but I'm in an hurry.
1 360 719 -> 359 (1 + 359 * x)
1 360 361 -> One ((x + 1)& 1 + 360 ... I don't even see what the fourth number would be)

Sony called its PSX "PS One" when it was becoming obsolete.
Maybe it's what they expect about this already low-middle range PC.

+ - Lord Brittish announces Shroud of the Avatar as a Kickstarter project->

Submitted by Thanatiel
Thanatiel (445743) writes "Award-winning game designer Richard Garriott and creator of the highly successful Ultima® series of games announced today that he plans to reinvent the fantasy RPG genre during a simultaneous live stream on Rooster Teeth and the Shroud of the Avatar website.
The game will only be funded if at least $1,000,000 is pledged by Sunday Apr 7, 10:57am EDT."

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Comment: Maybe they did knew already. (Score 1) 247

If the address you used for them is the only one that has got infected emails in a small time window ...

Maybe they are affraid of their reputation.
Maybe they are the one who sold the list.
Maybe they just don't care.

It does not really matters : they failed to protect their custommers.

I also have used one email address made unique for each "service" contact for years.
I don't even bother to complain anymore when something fishy happens : I simply overwrite all the (mostly already wrong) information for the benefit of their database then delete/disable the account and delete the email address.
This also work wonders for "lesser" social contacts that may be ... unenlighted ... enough to forward a chain mail.

By the way, knowing the name of said provider would help your fellow geeks & nerds.

Comment: first and last four digits ? (Score 1) 88

by Thanatiel (#38482378) Attached to: Trion Worlds' <em>Rift</em> Account Database Compromised

Why the first and last four ?

On the web site, the payment methods only display the last four. Are you telling me they kept the first four "just in case" ?

One could hope they store the last 4 four digits separately, and the full one in a place that can only be written and not read by the web site systems. But then, one could hope the one(s) responsible for this understand the basics of security.

And then again ... first and last four ? How so ?

A) 1234-XXXX-XXXX-5678 ? Waste of space ? Really ?
B) 12345678 ? Then why tell they are the first and last four digits ? Did the thief really needed more information on what he got ?
C) 1234-9999-9999-5678 ? Call me paranoïd but given the "first and last" I can't help but think it's likely.

My subscription is cancelled already and I'm cancelling my credit card right now.

The person who makes no mistakes does not usually make anything.