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Comment Re:You shouldn't use one hash. (Score 1) 87

That sounds like nonsense isn't it ?
SHA1(data) is a constant for a given "data"
MD5(data) is a (different) constant for a given "data"

SHA1(MD5(data)) is thus SHA1 of a constant which gives you exactly zilch in term of improvement of (in)security. At least it is not worse.

Trying to improve on a "broken" cryptography function by combining simply does not work, especially if the theory is not well understood.
For an example, applying two different cryptographic functions after each other on some data ( f(g(data)) ) could, in theory, give you back the original data.
It's always safer to simply use the next, theoreticians-approved, well-proven, algorithm.

Comment Re:The last Windows version ever. (Score 1) 360

People have been saying a lot of things.
Now there is a concrete drive.
Steam is the biggest shop. SteamOS is their gaming system and it's a Linux
If it picks up it's a strong money incentive for developers, as any traditional console would be.
If you take into account a lot of AAA games are already developped for a Unix/openGL system (PS4) I don't think luck will be much of a factor.

Comment The last Windows version ever. (Score 5, Insightful) 360

The only reason I (still) use W10 is games (more than 300, in Steam only). I have every second of using it.
As soon as there are enough high budgets games running on Linux, I'll finally get rid of it for a systemd-free linux (Manjaro-openrc comes to mind).
I've good hopes that SteamOS will lead us outside of the Windows era.
Microsoft was right : Windows 10 is the last Windows version ... ever.

Comment Ads are aggressions. It's a war. (Score 1) 528

The fight against the invasion of the minds has not started yesterday.

Ads utter to you in not always subtle ways the same message. To try to fix your miserable existence and be happy you need to spend more, own more, bigger, shinier. It's an aggression, an unrelenting crime against humanity.

A while ago, when I only disliked advertising, there is a nice game I used to play:

If I saw or heard an ad more than a couple of time on a single day (radio/TV), I used to ban the product for a few months/years. I was kind of happy to know that in retaliation to their indelicacy towards myself, they would at least lose the few tens or thousands I may well have given them otherwise.

Later I ended up stopping watching TV altogether (how about that, it was roughly 20 years ago), and started buying tapes, then DVDs then Blu-rays. It was a bit more expensive but so much better than TV, and no ads.
Then with the year more and more of the discs started to display hard-to-skip ads even before the menu, so I stopped buying.
I'm now on a popular (legal, paid, ad-free) streamer for TV and another for music (They shall remain nameless of course).

I guess I'm still vulnerable to product placement, but that's usually subtle enough ... so far.

Today the rule of the game with advertisers is simple : if I notice an ad, I cut the medium.

Comment Re:Ubuntu: The End (Score 1) 494

I cannot speak for the original poster, but I discarded Ubuntu for the desktop because of Unity.
And now I'll discard it for the servers because of systemd.

If we were 20 years ago, I'd joke about systemd being a pet project of Microsoft to ruin the Linux ecosystem.

If needs to be, I'll go so far as making my distro myself to avoid systemd.

Comment Re:Important information for TV producers (Score 1) 145

Are you kidding ? It's very easy to remember.
The original meaning of my reply is: it's not an impossible exaggeration. That's why I replied "true" to the comment that said it would take more than 30 seconds.
(Besides, you don't need to know nor read "megabytes" of a program. You just need to look for (all the) the right pattern(s))

Comment Re:Important information for TV producers (Score 1) 145

You do realize that your #5 should not be in that list ?
It's true than less and less developers have a perfect knowledge of various CPU assembly languages, their opcodes encoding and ASCII representations, but (successfully) debugging on hex and/or text dumps was not uncommon on C64, CPC, Amiga, ...
It still happens on x86 architectures but it's true it's seldom needed nowadays given the profusion of tools.

I personally know a handful of people able to do that on various architectures (yours truly included). All around or above 40 years old and slowly losing that particular skill per lack of usage.

Comment Re:Exiting...Giving up...Spinning off (Score 1) 188

I think what should happen is that we should streamline OUR lives and be rid of Sony.

Sony is on my no-buy list already.

Got a PS4, didn't used it much and it still broke after 14 months (the fan doesn't start anymore).
They ask for 200EUR for the fix. It was so ridiculous I could not help but laugh.
Be it phone, camera, gaming console or computer : never Sony again.

Comment It"s so unreal. (Score 1) 1350

Virtually everybody knew these guys.

Among them, Cabu was particularly well known by French and Belgian people of my generation (1975).
He was, among other things, a caricaturist on a widely watched children/teenagers show that started in 1978, with the kind of lasting impression you can imagine on our young minds.

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