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Comment: Re:If that's your approach... (Score 1) 512

by ThaFooz (#14509088) Attached to: Computer Science Students Outsource Homework
I know computer people have always looked down on business, but the truth is a good business/economics program is no easier than computer science

Well, I was going for the funny mod more than anything. I don't honestly believe buisness programs (the word encompasses so much, I was really refering to Marketing/HR/Sales/Managment) are inherently 'easier' than technical work, after all its a sound buisness model & management that make or break the buisness. But I do believe that the decision making process and/or the results of said decisions in the buisness world are often subjective (after all, how do you can you quantify people skills?), thus making it harder to identify the talented from the not-so-talented when compared to the technical side.

We have a equal opportunity Calculus class -- it's fully integrated.