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+ - Google Android experiencing chaotic gro->

Submitted by DJRumpy
DJRumpy (1345787) writes "Apple Insider has an interesting review of a phone conference held by Intel's CEO regarding Androids explosive growth and in his opinion, Google's move towards a more controlled environment, in order to fight fragmentation and to get a better handle on the ecosystem.

According to Otellini, Apple stands on the other end of the spectrum with a high level of order in its products. "Apple's objective is to control everything end to end so they can control the experience and the pricing."

Android faces a problem similar to Microsoft's efforts to exert control over the Windows ecosystem, Otellini continued, noting that Windows originally ran on a variety of platforms before settling on Intel's x86 architecture.

In time, Otellini sees Android moving away from openness in order to fight fragmentation. "The notion of compatibility forwards and backwards, the notion of verification...is something you'll see imposed on the Android ecosystem over time. If you read the press about [Android's] anti-fragmentation agreements that's exactly what's happening today," he said.

Beyond just talking about Android, Otellini also took the opportunity to quell recent rumors that Apple will abandon Intel for the ARM architecture on its line of Mac laptops.

"[Apple's] growth in Macs has quadrupled since they shifted to Intel, their market share has quadrupled since they shifted to Intel. And that value proposition has served them very well," the CEO said. "I don't see their Mac line moving in any different direction anytime soon."

According to a survey last month, 87 percent of Android developers view fragmentation as a problem on the platform, with 57 percent viewing it as a huge or meaningful problem.


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+ - Point-of-sale finally moves to cloud with HTML5->

Submitted by
sholto writes "Retailers rely on point-of-sale software to handle high numbers of transactions without failing, making it one of the last holdouts for cloud computing. In this article VendHQ describes how a combination of HTML5’s offline manifest, webSQL database and websockets helped it shift the cash register to the cloud and why HTML5 proved to be a better choice than iOS, Android or Adobe Air."
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Comment: Re:Where is the fun? (Score 1) 854

by Teufelsmuhle (#34030086) Attached to: Are Games Getting Easier?
There are certainly games out there with plenty of single-player content. If you aren't interested in the multi-player content, vote with your dollars and don't purchase the multi-player centric games.

That said, it would be nice if more games had both great and extensive single-player content and great multi-player/online content.

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