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Comment: Re:Skeptics and Deniers (Score 1) 577

You're likening the entire scientific establishment to some sort of conspiracy or cult of personality. It's the complete opposite. You are not some lone brave maverick who just happens to have the right answer, and all the climate scientists are suffering from self-indulgent group-think.

I know this world is scary and complex, and things are changing so rapidly that you are scared a lot, but this sort of comforting self-delusion you wallow in doesn't just help you, it negatively affects everyone else because your denial adds to the cacophany of doubters that keep us from acting as soon as we need to, and threatens the lives of countless people in the long run. It's incumbent upon you to overcome your fear and accept that climate scientists know what they are doing, and playing dice with people's lives is not something you should do to keep yourself sane.

Just give your quiet acquiescence and let us do the what needs to be done. It will if anything only be a minor inconvenience to you in the long run. A few more cents in tax for awhile. Isn't that worth it if you don't have to lift a finger, and any chance that something bad could happen is quashed?

Comment: Re:Why not just call them "non-believers"... (Score 0) 577

Nobody wants to burn anyone at the stake. The whole point is to just say it's valid to totally disregard any input from deniers and carry on with the real work, wasting no more time on pointless pathological debates with them, especially on slashdot. :)

Comment: Re:Skeptics and Deniers (Score 1) 577

Equating someone who is as you call it a "True Believer" with a denier is a logical fallacy. A True Believer believes in the scientific process, the scientific establishment, peer review, outside review, etc. There is every reason to believe in those things because they all require expertise and experience and are tested. A denier rejects all of these things outright relying on nothing except their own hubris that somehow they in their ignorance know better than everyone else who is qualified and experienced. Being a True Believer is logical and common sense. Being a denier is idiotic and illogical.

Comment: Hope it works out for them... (Score 0) 52

by Tetetrasaurus (#48614773) Attached to: Telepresence Store Staffed Remotely Using Robots
getting a storefront property in Palo Alto on University Ave was an expensive investment. From what I hear, they aren't doing very well, having to come out with their own competition in the form of a lower-model bot 1/20th the cost of their original bot. There's just a lot of competition driving the whole industry down.

Comment: Re:$58 a barrel (Score 0) 390

by Tetetrasaurus (#48597207) Attached to: The Shale Boom Won't Stop Climate Change; It Could Make It Worse
Actually this is good for Venezuela because the kind of oil they export didn't fall that much comparatively, whereas what they import did. I'm glad because although they say stupid things about America, what they are trying to do for their citizens is right on the money. We could use a little of that populism here too, although I am sure you will keep voting against your interests with the Republicunts because you think you are a part of their club.

Comment: Weasels (Score 0) 135

by Tetetrasaurus (#48578067) Attached to: Bank Security Software EULA Allows Spying On Users

Why are so many companies infested with weasels that come up with things like this which they know are wrong and evil, that they only dare to do because they think that nobody will notice? How many weasels does your company employ?

Perhaps companies should make all employees undergo psychological testing to root out these pathological personality types and make sure their actions are monitored.

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