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Comment: No choice (Score 1) 157

by Tetetrasaurus (#47072275) Attached to: Who Helped Kill Patent Troll Reform In the Senate
If the US doesn't make it easier to challenge patents, we're screwed because foreign entities who don't honor patents like we do are innovating more and more, and patenting more and more.

A good example is to look at who has all the patents for graphene research. It mostly ain't us.

Comment: Re:Shut Up (Score 0) 568

Hi. I was having the discussion with you in another thread regarding climate change where I called you dishonest, and you told me not to assume evil intent. Point taken. I was anonymous then. I'm wondering if you would be interested in taking the discussion offline, and perhaps make your acquaintance. My email is my username (tetetrasaurus) at gmail dot com. I should also be available by google chat at the same.

Comment: Re:Cold Pastuerization (Score -1) 174

by Tetetrasaurus (#45687143) Attached to: Cobalt-60, and Lessons From a Mexican Theft

You totally ignored the entire point about the dangers of having all this Cobalt-60 lying around all over the country, unprotected in the hands of idiots, but instead choose to defend the image of these food processors and the quality of their contaminated product, responding with a standard "citation please"? WTF is wrong with you? Whatever your motivations, you need help.

Comment: Cold Pastuerization (Score 1) 174

by Tetetrasaurus (#45686549) Attached to: Cobalt-60, and Lessons From a Mexican Theft

This is why food irradiation using radioactive elements, fondly rejiggered with the euphemism "cold pasteurization", is so insane. There are cheap food factories all over the U.S. with amounts of Cobalt-60 much greater than in this recent heist, with laughable security, all so we can be fed rotten, contaminated food they shouldn't be selling anyway.

The possible costs so outweigh the questionable "benefits" in this case, there is no other way to describe this terrorist-tragedy-waiting-to-happen other than willful, reckless endangerment of the lives of millions. All to make a few more dollars selling diseased meat.

Comment: Re:How Much Would Obamacare Cost the First Family? (Score 1) 644

by Tetetrasaurus (#45566029) Attached to: Officials Say Site Now Performing Well
I see you don't share the "can do" attitude that makes our country great, so much so you think we can't even do what every other major country has done, much less do it much better, which apparently with your low opinion of our country, you don't think is possible.

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When electric cars come down in price and there is essentially a base-model Honda Civic EV, you'll get your manual windows cranks, no power locks, etc. For now because of the inherent high cost, they have to put all the bells and whistles in so that the people with enough money who demand all those luxuries will buy their cars and keep Tesla afloat.

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