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+ - Proton third stage design problem cause most recent failure

Submitted by schwit1
schwit1 writes: The Russian investigation into the latest Proton rocket has concluded that the failure was caused by a design failure in the rocket's third stage.

The steering third stage engine failed due to excessive vibration as a result of an imbalance in a rotor of a pump unit

While it is always possible for new design issues to be discovered, I wonder why this problem hadn't been noticed in the decades prior to 2010, when the Proton began to have repeated failures.

+ - ESA and Airbus Safran agree on deal to build Ariane 6

Submitted by schwit1
schwit1 writes: Airbus Safran have come to an agreement with the European Space Agency on building Ariane 6, Europe's next commercial rocket.

The key part of the deal is that ESA and Arianespace will be ceding ownership of the rocket to Airbus Safran.

The French government is likely to approve the sale of CNES's 34-percent stake in the Evry, France-based Arianespace launch service provider to Airbus Safran Launchers at about the same time as the Ariane 6 development contract is signed.

With that sale, Airbus Safran will control Arianespace, which means they will also own the rocket they are building for Arianespace. This is fundamentally different than the situation with Ariane 5, which Airbus built for an Arianespace owned and run by the many-headed ESA. The result was a bloated government-run operation that never made a profit.

Now Airbus will own it instead. They have already indicated that they will trim the costs at Arianespace. More importantly, with ownership will come the freedom to compete effectively in the much more competitive launch market created by the arrival of SpaceX. No need to get permission from ESA to do things.

+ - Rosetta team proposes landing on comet to finish mission

Submitted by schwit1
schwit1 writes: Rather than simply turn off the spacecraft when its funding runs out at the end of 2015, Rosetta's science team have proposed that the mission get a nine month extension, during which they will slowly spiral into the comet and gently land.

Their proposal is similar to what American scientists did with their NEAR spacecraft, which hadn't been designed to land on an asteroid but was successfully eased onto the surface of Eros, where it operated for a very short time.

Comment: Re:of course! (Score 1) 229

by BlueStrat (#49802653) Attached to: Silk Road Founder Ross Ulbricht Sentenced To Life In Prison

Hmm... maybe someone should start up a spin-off called LobbyRoad where politicians can meet to trade kickbacks and favors in an anonymous setting?

Done & done.


Unfortunately, HRC's private email servers she hosted at her home while SoS are temporarily down due to a security issue. Authorities wanted to see the contents.


Comment: Re:Just...wow. (Score 1) 95

Interestingly, the Soviet Union routinely underestimated US military capabilities on the assumption that if the US had the capability, the US would have used it. The US hadn't used it, so obviously they didn't have it.

Source: Operation Solo, John Barron.

I doubt that. I think the US often overestimates themselves. Pretty much every war we've fought since WW2 has been against 3rd world countries with a few key assets provided by China/Russia. A war against China or Russia proper I suspect would be an eye opener for a lot of people. Aircraft Carriers are really big targets and Stealth aircraft are only really stealthy to pre-1980s anti-air systems.

Comment: Simple (Score 1) 616

by Charliemopps (#49799207) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Happens If We Perfect Age Reversing?

It's simple, if you want the anti-aging you have to get snipped. As of whenever they create these laws, anyone alive is allowed 1 or 2 children before they get the anti-aging. If you have 3 more more (After the law is passed, so as not to exclude those that had them before such a thing existed) then you're out.

You trade immortality for your reproductive rights. It's as simple as that.

Comment: Re:Wishful Thinking (Score 1) 67

by Charliemopps (#49799089) Attached to: The Marshall Islands, Nuclear Testing, and the NPT

Go compare the number of dead. Even as absolute numbers, nevermind as percentages of the world population, the number of deaths from war from the second half of the 20th century and beyond pale in comparison to the first half.

World War II killed something like 60 million people, or about 3% of the world population. You hold up the Cold War as being bad - do you think Nukes are what made that conflict? No, they're part of what kept it from erupting into direct open warfare between NATO/the West and the Warsaw Pact/Communist Bloc. Yes, Korea was bloody (roughly about 1-2 million dead). How much more bloody would it have been had the Russians and Americans not been keen to avoid fighting one another directly lest nuclear weapons come into play? Would the USA have invaded Cuba had it not been for the threat of Nuclear War with Russia? Would Russia have invaded Western Europe at any number of points? The Cold War was unprecedented simply because there really isn't a good historical parallel of two obvious antagonists avoiding any direct conflict despite any number of flashpoints.

And why is that? Quite simply, it was that both sides knew the danger and cost of any direct conflict were far too steep and final, due to nukes.

You have a typically myopic American conservative point of view. You're picking and choosing your numbers to fit your point of view. WWII killed 60 million people? Really? So you're including the holocaust? and the flu?

And using WW2 as the "bar" for what war is like is kind of a joke. WW2 was a unique event in human history. It had never happened before and claiming that anything has prevented it from happening again is kind of a joke. It very well could happen again but now we have nukes! Yay! Do you think Germany would have had any concerns about the cost of nuclear war in the 1940s? lol

Your argument only works if all countries have free and fair democratic elections. They don't. I'd even argue that WE don't have them. When you have countries like North Korea, Russia, China, Iran with nukes? It only take a couple of dozen people to decide the cost of the war is worth it and we're all done for.

Comment: UAT (Score 1) 337

by Charliemopps (#49798793) Attached to: Crowdfunded, Solar-powered Spacecraft Goes Silent

I'll never understand how groups (Especially NASA) can spend millions, or even BILLIONS on projects like these and not even complete the sorts of rudimentary testing that those of us in the professional software fields have to do every day. Ok, this computers going into space and going to run for days/months/years... whatever... so hey, maybe we should boot it up while it's still on the ground and see if it'll run for a couple of months without crashing first?

One of the mars rover had the same problem. It worked fine, but after a week or two it died because of a flash bug... they'd never tested it on earth for a week strait prior to launching a billion dollar piece of hardware?!?! What's wrong with these people? This is rudimentary stuff. You test it prior to launch for a long period of time. Then box it up and don't touch it. If you make any changes, re-test.

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