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Comment: Re:Dwindling airable land? (Score 2) 57 57

Doesn't the government still pay farmers to NOT grow food as part of a subsidy program to reduce supply and thereby artificially raise prices?

I'm a libertarian and hate subsidies, but having many farmers as relatives, feel I have to correct your misinformation.

Lets say the price of corn hits something insanely high like $10/per bushel.
You might think to yourself "I should get into this corn farming thing" and invest money in starting up a farm.
As you do that starting a farm is expensive. Equipment for farming corn is unique and can't be used for something like Peas. But the price of corn is so high, it's worth it.
After you harvest you get your money... whew! What a good investment! But by the 2nd year you realize a lot of other people had the same idea you did and they started corn farms as well. The market is glutted with corn, the price crashes to $1/bushel
But you notice Peas are selling really high so you switch to farming peas. It costs you a fortune for new equipment but you get your peas planted...
and 2 years later, you run into the same problem, everyone switched crops at the same time you did, Pea prices fall through the floor and you're trying to buy back your corn equipment.

This happened at the turn of the century a LOT. No individual farmer can be expected to accurately predict the price of corn the following season. So the feds do it for them. They offer a floor on the price of their crops, and they pay farmers not to plant. This stabilizes the market, prevents over-saturation and allows farmers to be more efficient. The cost to the government is actually a net profit because those wild swings in the market price cost them a lot of tax revenue.

Comment: Re:uh... prior art? (Score 1) 57 57

There're lots of examples of prior art local to me, if anywhere else that has a mains electricity supply, and that's pot farms.

Here, they tend to explode as people use halogen lights at silly power densities (like 6kW/sq.m) and lag the shit out of their lofts in an attempt to conceal them from police helicopter FLIRs, then wonder why they catch fire.

That's kind of the joke here... their methods are 100% stolen from people who've been figuring out how to grow pot in their basements over the past 20yrs so they can avoid the police/criminals involved in normal marijuana transactions.

Comment: Re:Ultimate Fate? (Score 2) 48 48

So once these and others like them gobble up all the matter in the universe and then they start to work on each other, will we eventually end up with something akin to the makings of another Big Bang?


No, Dark Energy more than compensates for any gravitational affects.
The current leading theory regarding the end of the universe is called: The Big Rip
I find the idea very unsatisfying though... not that the universe cares what I think.

Comment: Re:Good (Score 1) 1178 1178

hrmm... damn slashdot removing php characters...

That was supposed to read:

Your argument is what's commonly used to explain leftist economics, and I'll never understand it. "Our system is so complex that math doesn't work!"
I'm here to tell you that you are unfortunately completely wrong.
Greece's Economic output is less than Greece's Spending
It's as simple as that. Any ATM in Athens will confirm my math for you.

Comment: Re:Good (Score 1) 1178 1178

Your argument is what's commonly used to explain leftist economics, and I'll never understand it. "Our system is so complex that math doesn't work!"
I'm here to tell you that you are unfortunately completely wrong.
Greece's Economic output Greece's Spending
It's as simple as that. Any ATM in Athens will confirm my math for you.

Comment: Re:Wow. Lip service! (Score 1) 249 249

Basically unless they rehire Taylor or Pao steps down, this is just a bunch of community knob-slobbery with no actual value behind it whatsoever.

I keep hearing this statement, but we've no idea why she was fired. She could have came to work high on cocaine, started doing shots in the break room and then admitted embezzling millions for the company. Reddit can't legal comment on it, which makes sense.

The real problem here is that they had such an "indispensable" employee in the first place. Even worse, they seemed to have no idea how important she was. They should have know what she did, why she did it, and what to do in the event something happened to her. This is Business management 101

Comment: Re:Resignation? (Score 1) 249 249

Yep. Reddit isn't serious about anything until she's gone.

Anyone who ever subscribed to Star Wars Galaxies experienced this exact kind of management. SOE endlessly would apologize for their "lack of communication" then proceed to continue on their destructive changes no one liked not altering their course one degree.

Don't associate them with SOE/Daybreak. Reddit management is just stupid... like your dumb cousin the wrecks your car every time you loan it to him, you can only be so mad. SOE/Daybreak actively lies, cheats and steals from their customer. They will say "Buy our game and you get X!" and then you buy the game and you don't get X... they lied, bold faced, cheated you. That's entirely different.

Comment: Re:Your biggest screw up (Score 1) 249 249

The biggest problem is that they are running a web site that caters to ignorant and petulant children who believe they know all there is to know and deserve all there is to have.

Replace "Website" with "Business" and you've described literally every corporation in existence. If it were easy, we'd all run one.

Comment: Re:Democracy (Score 1) 254 254

This is the first time that I can think of that a population directly voted in the affirmative to collapse their economy.

I hope that's just me being cynical, but I think that's what's on the way.

No, it happens every election.
But generally it works like this:
Politicians lie, promise things that will destroy the economy to get votes.
Voters say "Yay! Free stuff and no taxes!"
Politicians get elected, then quickly forget all about those promises, because destroying the economy you actually live in is a terrible idea.

This time however, politicians kept their word. They get to move to the US/EU after shit hits the fan... so... yea...

Comment: Re:So long and thanks for smelling like fish (Score 1) 254 254

And the problems Greece is in is totally just related to him, and not decades upon decades of nepotism, corruption and mismanagement mainly perpetrated by the Greek versions of the Republicrats, who managed to get themselves voted out of power when the shit started to hit the fan.. You'd better be a good puppet now, and do better next time to blame the ones left with the mess and who refused to accept strangulation as a cure to brain hemorrhage.

There is no Greek version of republicans. The most conservative party in that country are communists. If Hillary Clinton moved there she'd be running on getting the government out of your pocket book and church into schools.

Comment: Re:Varoufakis (Score 1) 254 254

My guess of they they'll turn in desperation to Putin, thinking he's going to help them (as he's going to promise). And he's going to screw them in ways they can't even imagine.

There seems to be this common misconception that the Russia of today is in any way equivalent to the USSR of old... and Putin exploits this relentlessly. But it's simply not true, economically, politically, or militarily.

The USA is far ahead of any other part of the world by every every measure:
And to think of Russia as some kind of equal power to the US like they were back in the 60's is totally misleading.
Despite its size, its ruthless lack of environmental and labor laws, and clear ambivalence to financial regulation, it's economy is 11th, on par with Canada. This is mostly due to rampant corruption that leads to Oligarchs bleeding the economy so dry it can't grow.

Russia can't afford to help Greece. Greeces debt was $317 billion last I checked. That's 17% of Russia's entire GDP. Further, Greeces problems have nothing to do with the EU. Every year they fail to collect 90% of taxes. Let me say that again, 90% of taxes in Greece are never collected. THAT is their main problem. And that's before we get into the rampant government overspending on social programs, borrowing and so-on.

Greece is doomed, the best thing for them was to follow the troika's advice, barring that? The need to find out what real 3rd world poverty feels like, so they can teach their children to never let this sort of thing happen again. Unfortunately that seems to be exactly what's going to happen. I feel a lot of empathy for the children of the people that voted for the governments they've had for the past 20yrs. Those children will suffer the most.

Comment: Re:Sad (Score 1) 249 249

That's pretty much everyone's procedure, so Reddit's job is to make sure doesn't become "one of those sites" for a sufficiently large group of people.

You can easily avoid a lot of the offensive stuff on Reddit by not visiting those subreddits Maybe a more sane alternative would be to allow people to filter out subreddits they don't like. Maybe this is in place already, but I don't know. Reddit has too high of a noise to signal ratio for my taste, so when I do check it out, I don't even bother signing in any more.

Comment: Re:Sad (Score 1) 249 249

Reddit may eventually have to decide if they're an actual business that's supposed to make money or a hip BBS. The two identities are sorta in tension and I'm not sure it's resolvable.

Well, you're not going to make money if you continue to arbitrarily ban things that you find offensive or someone else might find offensive. There are things on the internet I don't like. I just don't go to those sites. I don't demand that they take those sites down. Aside from that, I don't know how a BBS makes money these days with ad block, etc, unless they're selling user info, which would probably go over huge with the reddit crowd.

Comment:'s the LAW! (Score 1) 326 326

Don't forget unintended consequences. Jimmy loves to hunt, so he is afraid to see a shrink lest the cops show up to grab his guns. So, he never gets any help. Is this really an improvement?

But if Jimmy goes on a shooting spree, then it gives the gun banners more ammo (pun intended). One thing you'll notice is that in most instances where there's been a mass shooting, the proposed remedy for gun control would not have prevented the mass shooting from happening in the first place.

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