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Comment: Why watermelon? (Score 0) 160

by Terrorwrist (#29239161) Attached to: Watermelon Juice Makes Great Biofuel
Why bother using watermelon juice to power our transportation, when urine can power any vehicle (http://www.ecofriend.org/entry/eco-tech-hydrogen-fuel-from-urine-to-power-cars-tomorrow). I could drink all that delicious red yummy watermelon, and piss in my gas tank, and off I go. Now that's what I call ecofriendly.

Comment: the problem is (Score 0, Interesting) 149

by Terrorwrist (#28404689) Attached to: Activision CEO Warns Sony That the PS3 Needs a Price Cut
The bluray in the PS3 is the cause of the high price. If they just put in a regular dvd drive that plays Sony PS2, PS3 and regular dvd movies and games, then the price can be lowered. Who is going to watch Bluray, when a disc costs $20-30 compared to a regular dvd costs like less than $10 at walmart. If they get rid of that bluray and the price gets lowered, then people would buy the console and Sony will be back in business.

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