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Comment Re:Black box data streaming (Score 1) 503

Quoting the American Airlines website,

Domestic Wi-Fi is now available on nearly all flights within the U.S.

The following URL breaks it down even more by the various airlines:


Sufficient to say, wifi on US flights isn't that uncommon. And unlike you, I've never had wifi on any of my flights over Europe or Asia.

Comment Re:Black box data streaming (Score 2) 503

My guess is cost. Sending data via satellite is very expensive, and there's a lot of data recorded. As for ground stations, I'm not aware of any plane-to-ground data communications currently in use (other than radio for voice) so that would need a completely new infrastructure built.

Quoting wikipedia.org's entry on Gogo Inflight Internet,

Air-To-Ground (ATG) Gogo's ATG network is a cellular based network that has more than 160 towers in the continental U.S., Alaska and soon, Canada. The towers are cellphone towers that have been outfitted to point their signals at the sky rather than along the ground. The aircraft picks up the signal through a receiver installed on its underside. When it reaches the aircraft, the data signal is distributed throughout the cabin via a Wi-Fi system.

Comment wouldn't the spoofer be piloting blind? (Score 1) 140

Presumably the person doing the spoofing would be piloting blind since their GPS would be effected just as much as the target's GPS?

If so then it seems like GPS spoofing would be of limited usefulness unless you just wanted a ship or plane or whatever to get lost and expend all it's fuel in the process.

Comment maybe they just don't care about this project (Score 4, Insightful) 195

Good code, it seems to me, isn't so much a reflection of someone's skill level as a developer in-so-much as it is a reflection of how much they cared about that particular project. Designing and architecting takes time. If you're a good dev but all you're aiming to do is write something that gets the job done here and now without regard for maintainability or scalability or anything... well that's how you get bad code. It seems to me.

Comment Re:Companies don't want to take the time/$$ to tra (Score 1) 419

If they're wanting experience with specific products seems to me like they should be looking for people who went to a community college or other associates program - not a four-year university. In theory, four-year universities.are trying to prepare you for tomorrow - not for today. They're supposed to be more about the theory behind EE and not the immediately practical application of it.

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