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Google Wants To Be a Wireless Carrier 151

Posted by samzenpus
from the google-calling dept.
zacharye writes "Google has already conquered the software side of smartphones and now the technology giant is reportedly in talks to take over the air waves. A report on Thursday claims that Google has held talks with satellite television provider Dish Network regarding the possibility of a venture that would see Google launch its own cellular network and compete directly with the likes of Verizon and AT&T."

Texas Schools Using Electronic Chips To Track Students; Parents In Uproar 540

Posted by timothy
from the does-your-body-belong-to-the-state? dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Two Schools in San Antonio are using electronic chips to help administrators count and track students' whereabouts. Students at Anson Jones Middle School and John Jay High School are now required to wear ID cards using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology embedded with electronic chips in an effort to daily attendance records. The article said the Northside Independent School District receives about $30 per day in state funding for each student reporting."

+ - Microsoft Seeks Patent for Age Detection->

Submitted by nandemoari
nandemoari (1318651) writes "Microsoft is proposing a new patent that would see its Xbox 360 peripheral, the Kinect, take on the role of a virtual babysitter. It works by automatically restricting a child's access to certain television shows or video games that carry a mature content rating.

Through the use of its 3D depth camera, the Kinect would be able to measure the bodily proportions of a user and detect whether or not a child is in the room. The entire concept is based on parental control and would be treated as a manageable feature. The system could also be further tweaked to specify certain restrictions and content."

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Comment: Re:Maximize profit (Score 1) 591

by Tenek (#35716016) Attached to: Piracy Is a Market Failure — Not a Legal One
Joel Spolsky pointed out the problem with this a few years back: When your unit production cost is small, you're better off (as much as possible) to adjust the price based on the ability of the consumers to pay and get something out of the poorer ones instead of nothing.

Comment: Re:Not only the carriers, also the NGO's (Score 1) 235

by Tenek (#35602468) Attached to: Carriers Delay Paying Japan's Texting Donations

My grandfather always used to tell me that he would die before he ever gave to the Red Cross. When he was in Korea, the Red Cross used to show up and sell soldiers coffee and donuts (at a profit, no less). No money meant no coffee and donuts for you, G.I.

I'm not disparaging their work (I don't know enough to comment on that). I'm just saying that they need to be much more upfront with people about where their money is actually going.

Ten seconds on Snopes;

There is truth to one of the rumors, however. During WWII the American Red Cross did indeed charge American servicemen for coffee, doughnuts, and lodging. However, it did so because the U.S. Army asked it to, not because it was determined to make a profit off homesick dogfaces.


+ - Gawker Redesign Kills Traffic-> 2

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The latest data from sitemeter,com is showing what everyone already knew, the Gawker redesign has taken their advertisement driven empire and, in a very rapid manor, crushed its traffic into a shadow of its former self."
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