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Comment Versipacks. (Score 1) 296

Grab yourself one of the Maxpedition Jumbo Versipacks, perfect every day carry gadget bag. Dress it up with morale patches too or just run down to your local headshop and buy up all the patches you can find affix velcro and you're in business :p Geek it up Tactical style! And yes in states that allow CCW, its a no brainer. This is the bag you want.

Comment I can't hear you, I have a banana in my modem. (Score 1) 2

Maybe you'd do well to read Harlan Lane's, Mask of Benevolence in particular sections referencing Audist & Audism.. There is also a section on TechDirt, Hearing Aids, Monopolies (April 16, 2012) and of course the hundreds of google spawned links.

Comment rawr (Score 1) 1

The governments of veitnam are spoiled children. Its that simple. Greedy meanie stuck up megalomaniacal cowards, nods. Craptastic fools that run veitnam are dirty piggies corrupted to the bone. The whole world knows it. Piss on 'em I say. Piss on everything they stand for. Piss in their gardens, piss in their foods oppressive pinheaded governmental lack of sight committee's really swallow that sort of swill. Don't hate the veitnameese, just their pig headed overlords. Piss on 'em and piss 'em off.

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