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Comment Perception is Reality (Score 1) 230 230

Wrap your heads around this. Any AI need not have the same functionality of a human brain as long as it can fake the perception that it does. The complexity of the human mind is without parallel, but the way we humans interact with each other isn't that extraordinary. Reading visual and auditory cues when speaking to another person is how we know we are talking to another human. After grasping this, all an AI needs is the ability to access the conversational references common to humans in a timely enough manner as to seem self aware. We already have programs that can read our faces and tell by our tone of voice what our emotional state is and respond accordingly. When that ability becomes fluid, we will find it nearly impossible to tell an AI from a real human.

Comment The Wrong Question (Score 1) 239 239

"What will it take to end mass surveillance?" This is the wrong question, the right question is how long will it take before we stop caring? Privacy on the internet is an illusion (probably perpetrated by people wanting to sell security). With the right justification, any form of communication is subject to monitoring, but you are probably safer sending a letter through the post office than an e-mail, simply because of the legal hurdles involved in interfering with the interactions between two government agencies US Postal service and the NSA. I think the notion of internet privacy contradicts the idea of free an open information. Sure I want to read the entire content of the Library of Congress, but I don't want anyone to know that I did? I consider the internet in the same way I consider the other side of my front door, anything that happens out there is happening in public, regardless of how I try to disguise it. People will eventually come to the same conclusion and simply stop caring whose looking at them when they walk out the front door.

Comment Heavy Automation (Score 1) 549 549

Machines surveying the landscape and building semi-subterranean structures. Have sites near the polar ice caps to tap the water trapped there and wind power and geothermal taps to power the whole process. All of this could happen long before the first humans step foot on the planet.

Comment The Theory is larger than the Conspiracy (Score 1) 347 347

I was just thinking, if I wanted to create enough fear that our my enemies would be looking over their shoulders everytime they used the internet, nothing would work better than creating the belief that I was omnipresent on the web. One the one side, people are certain that the government in incapable of managing the simplest of programs or managing it's own affairs, but when given the notion that that same government could orchestrate a massive campaign of internet monitoring and targeted strikes again individuals, most seem to have no doubt of it's validity. Every other week there is a new revelation of the widening scope of the NSA powers to peer into every aspect of our lives and yet when asked, people still believe that same government is buying $400 toilet seats. Perhaps the biggest conspiracy is that the NSA isn't omnipresent, but wants you to think they are.

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