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Comment: The Theory is larger than the Conspiracy (Score 1) 347

by Tempest451 (#46333555) Attached to: NSA and GHCQ Employing Shills To Poison Web Forum Discourse
I was just thinking, if I wanted to create enough fear that our my enemies would be looking over their shoulders everytime they used the internet, nothing would work better than creating the belief that I was omnipresent on the web. One the one side, people are certain that the government in incapable of managing the simplest of programs or managing it's own affairs, but when given the notion that that same government could orchestrate a massive campaign of internet monitoring and targeted strikes again individuals, most seem to have no doubt of it's validity. Every other week there is a new revelation of the widening scope of the NSA powers to peer into every aspect of our lives and yet when asked, people still believe that same government is buying $400 toilet seats. Perhaps the biggest conspiracy is that the NSA isn't omnipresent, but wants you to think they are.

Comment: Arm-chair Lawyers (Score 2) 524

by Tempest451 (#44837823) Attached to: Yahoo CEO Says It Would Be Treason To Decline To Cooperate With the NSA
A lot of "arm-chair" lawyers here, but the basic thing is that they tried to fight it in open court and they lost, over, done. And if you think the others (Google, Facebook, etc) would have fared any better, you are simply fooling yourself. You can try to reinterpret what treason is all you like, but the fact is they are compelled to comply.

Comment: The NSA Didn't "Steal" Anything from Germany (Score 1) 180

by Tempest451 (#44530655) Attached to: Deutsche Telekom Moves Email Traffic In-Country In Wake of PRISM
All information gathered by the NSA in regards to German emails was given to the NSA in a mutual exchange of intelligence information. What the Germans are doing now is trying to wash their hands of any complicity in the matter, even when that very information helped capture two Russian spies.

Comment: Are you willing to bet your ass on it? (Score 1) 321

by Tempest451 (#44507225) Attached to: NZ Professor Advocates Civil Disobedience Against Mass Surveillance
Everyone touting how great their encryption methods are. I wonder how do they know they are secure or not? How would you know if the NSA was monitoring you specifically or you are simply too obscure to be noticed? Send a threatening email about a politician or a fake terror plot and see how good your encryption is. Are you willing to bet your ass on it?

Comment: We don't like blanket data spying so how about... (Score 1) 204

Profiling? Let's just spy on Arabs and Asian? It's works for the police doesn't it? Blacks and Hispanics are the criminals, so concentrating on them is how America should reduce crime right? You see, the assumption is that there is some flag or indicator that allows organizations like the police or the NSA to identify potential criminals before they become a threat. News flash...there isn't. At least not often enough to save people from an individual intent on causing massive harm. All I have seen is outrage about the NSA practices, but what I haven't seen, even in the most offhanded opinion, is an option for how to be just as effective without the perceived violation of personal privacy.

Comment: Re:Fuck 'em (Score 1) 204

I'd sleep a lot better knowing that at least it will be safe from some 12 year old Chinese hacker.

It's not a 12 y/o Chinese hacker that most US citizens need to fear. It is the unrestrained overreaching of the US government as they push aside our privacy, our rights, our Constitution and our history.

Seriously? And who do you think that 12-year-old Chinese hacker works for (oh yes I said work)? What? You think hacking in China is a hobby? Grow up.

Comment: Re:oh great, fucking great. (Score 1) 161

by Tempest451 (#44083823) Attached to: The Men Trying To Save Us From the Machines
I'm sorry, but I think you're completely wrong. Intelligence doesn't breed opinion, emotion does. Without the desire to be correct, all answers to the same problem will eventually be the same. The desire to hold on to a theory based on flawed data is an emotional response that machines would and should be without.

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